Brace Your A (Body)

Got a second-gen ’67-’76 A-Body project? Or will you have one after your next swap meet/car corral trip? If you’ll be adding big power to it, you’ll need to give it a structural boost. That’s where US Car Tool’s total unibody stiffening package comes in. It includes CNC machine-cut frame connectors, a complete set of front and rear torque boxes, a lower core support frame brace, and a set of inner fender braces that your ’67-’76 A-Body (Dart, Swinger, Demon, Dart Sport, Valiant, Duster, Scamp, and ’67-’69 Barracuda) needs. Add this complete chassis stiffening package, and you’ll add an incredible amount of rigidity and structure to your A-Body’s unibody. Just what it needs if you’ll be installing a stroker LA small-block—or more!

Get it: US Car Tool • 919/855-8200 •

Wanna Start Something?

You Mopar racers know the feeling...your class is called, but the overworked starter on your blown alcohol or magneto-fired engine doesn’t turn, leaving you in the pits (and your opponent with a single). MSD’s new High Speed DynaForce Starters for 318-440-inch Mopar V-8s deliver higher cranking rpm to fire up your high horsepower race engine. They feature all-new components, beginning with a 3.4 horsepower motor that spins a unique gear set combination, meaning higher cranking rpm. MSD incorporates a durable solenoid that will operate with 12-volt and 16-volt electrical systems. Inside the downsized housing, there’s a balanced armature that receives guidance by two ball bearings for smooth engagement and thousands of starts. Another handy feature is that the billet mounting block can be rotated in different positions, to help clear oil pans and exhaust systems. All inside a tough wrinkle red coating that’s easy to grasp during pit thrashes.

Get it: DynaForce starters by MSD • 915/856-2416 •

Bug Off!

Flying insects can do a number on your ride’s finish, no matter where you live. That’s why you should add the Love Bug Eraser to your cleaning and detailing kit. Developed in Florida to clean off the love bugs that make such a mess of Sunshine State car and truck finishes, it uses a unique weave of nonabrasive fibers to team with your regular wash soap and water to get those critters (or what’s left of them) off your finish. It’s safe to use on any surface—glass, plastic, chrome, and paint—and you don’t need a separate bug remover to use it. Made in the USA, the Love Bug Eraser comes with a money-back guarantee.

Get It: Love Bug Eraser (from Awesome Products Corp.) •

High-Performance ATFs

Nowadays, you need the right fluid for your modern Mopar’s automatic transmission—but that bottle of ATF that’s been on your shop shelf since the days of Ma Mopar’s “Car Clearance Carnival” will likely do more harm than good. Get rid of that old stuff (properly), and fill your modern automatic with either of AMSOIL’s Signature Series automatic transmission fluids. They both provide outstanding high and low temperature performance and oxidation stability. They’re also formulated to improve fuel efficiency, reduce transmission temperatures, and increase equipment life. Choose from their Multi-Vehicle Synthetic ATF (left), or their Fuel-Efficient Synthetic ATF. Both were proven in severe-service field testing, validating their expanded service life recommendations—which means they’re both up to anything you (and your transmission) can throw at them.

Get It: AMSOIL • 800/ 777-8491 •

(Perma) Cool It!

Does your ride have an old, inefficient fan that’s supposed to draw air through the radiator but doesn’t? Don’t risk overheating trouble—replace that fan with PermaCool’s Cool Pack radiator cooling system. It installs in minutes for better cooling, and helps increase horsepower and torque. Its robust aluminum assembly houses dual high-output electric fans controlled by a 160-210 degree F adjustable thermal sensor with a digital temperature probe, and its black powdercoated finish resists acid, fuel, and oil. Cool Packs mount solidly to your car or truck’s radiator core support (not the radiator), and use stock mounting holes and fasteners, wherever possible. They come pre-assembled, pre-wired, and require no drilling, cutting, or modifications.

Get it: PermaCool Products • 909/391-3000 •

Retrofit (So You Can Fit)

What’s one feature that should have been available on ’67-’69 B-Body Mopars? How about a tilt steering column to make getting in or out easier? One like ididit’s latest Mopar column for late-’60s midsize Mopars. It’ll bolt right in to your original-style manual or power steering box—or your aftermarket rack-and-pinion system—and uses your original underdash mount for a quick and easy installation. Ididit’s sleek, 100 percent American-made fully-collapsible column also features an eight-position tilt, self-canceling turn signals, flashers, a year-specific wire plug, a Chrysler top spline, and a ¾-inch double D extendable output shaft. Each column comes complete with a specially-designed floor mount, wiring adaptor, provisions for mounting brackets, and ididit’s standard dress-up kit. Available finishes include chrome (seen here), paintable steel, or black powdercoated.

Get it: ididit • 517/424-0577 •