QA1’s New Ks (Continued)

Not long ago, we told you about QA1’s newly re-engineered K-member for ’67-’72 A-Body Mopars. A lot of you cheered, but a lot of B-Body and E-Body owners wondered when QA1 would have one for them. Fear not, E-Body and ’66-’72 B-Body owners...QA1’s come through with re-engineered K-members for you. They’re designed, tested, and manufactured in QA1’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Lakeville, Minnesota, using nothing but high-quality American-made steel. Engineered to increase strength, durability, and performance without adding any additional weight to your Mopar’s front end, they feature sway bar mounts, integrated tow hooks, and additional room for headers and oil pans. They’re designed to work with factory-style motor mounts and the factory steering box. To complement their Mopar K-members, QA1 offers the most comprehensive line of American-made suspension components for your vehicle including control arms, anti-hop bars, K-member braces, Panhard bars, strut tower braces, subframe connectors, sway bars, toe links, torque and trailing arms, and much more.

Get It: QA1 • Precision Products 800/721-7761 •

Get A Grip

We’re seeing (and hearing) a lot of pre-’93 Mopar engines built to produce huge amounts of horsepower and torque—much more than the crew in Highland Park that designed and engineered them ever dreamed was possible! With that added power comes a need for drivetrain hardware that can handle it—like Centerforce’s new DYAD Drive System (DS) multi-disc clutch for ’63-’93 Mopar engines running 130-tooth flywheels. It offers smooth engagement, quiet operation, a light pedal, and high-end holding capacity (up to 1,300 ft-lb at the flywheel). Its features also include a patented ball bearing pressure plate, multi-disc floating disc, and drive disc design; a quiet, positive drive floater; a lightweight low inertia steel flywheel; ARP fasteners—all in a precision-balanced clutch that comes pre-assembled (no complicated setup or adjustments required), with a specification card included.

Get It: Centerforce • 928/771-8422 •

Lose The Leaker….Get A Real Seal

There’s a lot to be said about summer rains...especially when they’re leaking into your ’68-’70 two-door B-Body’s cracked and brittle OEM vent window seals. Thanks to Metro Moulded Parts and their re-tooled vent window seals for your ’68, ’69, or ’70 two-door Coronet, Belvidere, Satellite, Road Runner, GTX, Charger, or Superbird, you won’t have to worry about getting soaked via your vent window, or having to listen to worn-out seals “whistle” at speed. Not only have they revised these seals for improved fit and function, Metro Moulded Parts uses modern-tech materials, which will last longer than the rubber in those OEM seals/sieves did. Plus, they’re good enough to earn the “Gold Series” part designation from Metro’s Quality Control folks.

Get It: Metro Moulded Parts • 800/878-2237 •

Preferred For Parking

Your garage or shop is also a show space, especially when friends come over. But the typical shop floor, while a great surface for building and re-building your Mopars, needs help in the looks department. That’s where these parking pads from Better Life Technology (BLT) come in. They roll out and lay flat, creating a beautiful, rich space that complements and showcases your car. They’re available in two surface patterns and three sizes (10x20 feet, 7.5x17 feet, and 5x10 feet), and they’re extremely durable and heavy enough that they don’t need to be glued down in normal applications. (For heavy-duty use, BLT offers adhesives designed to work well with the pads.)

Get It: Better Life Technology (BLT) • 913/894-0403 •

Another Rallye Dash Resto Must-Have

Remember the 1970 B-Body Rallye Dash trim pieces from Tony’s Parts we brought you a while back? Tony’s has done it again...they’ve come out with a reproduction under-dash trim piece for these Plymouths and Dodges. It’s made from injection-molded plastic with the correct grain pattern as the originals, it fits in place of that cracked, modified or missing OEM piece, and it complements the three-piece Rallye Dash trim piece kit that’s already available from Tony’s Parts. It fits all 1970 Chargers, Coronet R/Ts and SuperBees, Road Runners, GTXs and Superbirds that were factory-equipped with the Rallye dash, and it’s in stock right now and ready to ship.

Get It: Tony’s Parts • 302/398-0821 •