Make Your E-Body a G-Machine

Got an E-Body -- or planning your next winter project around one? How about building some real Pro Touring-style handling power into it...thanks to Schwartz Performance’s bolt-in “G-Machine” chassis that’s now available for your ’70-’74 Challenger or Barracuda. It’s designed to bolt under your E-Body without having to cut the floor. The efficient frame design increases rigidity and decreases weight -- by 75 pounds -- by replacing the entire front subframe, steering and rear suspension. The front suspension features upper A-arms engineered with separate camber and caster adjustments without using shims. In back, you’ll find a four-bar system with Teflon-lined spherical rod ends for bind-free operation and a smooth ride. At all four corners, you’ll find long shocks -- longer than those used on any other aftermarket chassis -- that’ll improve your E-Body’s suspension tuning -- and overall handling. Care to bolt-in a modern Hemi, or will you stick with a 426 Hemi, a B/RB Wedge or an LA small-block for power? Schwartz Performance’s G-Machine chassis is designed for nearly all Mopar drivetrains.

Get It: Schwartz Performance • 815/206-2230 •

The VIP Treatment

Whether your ’70-’88-vintage LA small-block-powered Mopar is your longtime ride, or one you’re building now, there’s one area that could use some “cleaning up” -- the front of your engine, and the pulleys that drive your alternator, power steering pump, A/C compressor, etc. Get rid of those old pulleys -- and their separate belts -- and give your LA small-block the “VIP Treatment” -- with Visual Impact Performance Systems’ (VIPS) single-belt Turbo Trac billet serpentine system. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, machined in-house to VIPS’ uncompromising standards with American Pride, it mounts directly off your water pump, to work best with all ’70-’88 LA cylinder head configurations (It won’t fit ’92-later 5.2 or 5.9 Magnum engines), and it comes with everything needed for an easy installation. VIPS also offers a complete line of bulkhead plates and fittings, compressor hardline kits, and billet clip-on and remote power steering reservoirs.

Get it: Visual Impact Performance Systems (VIPS) • 704/278-3552 •

DynaForce For The Win

How important is the alternator in your racing Mopar? So important, that it could be the difference between getting the win, and being an also-ran. That’s why your race ride needs MSD’s new DynaForce race alternator. It’s available in 50-amp and 100-amp (seen here) versions, both featuring one-wire technology to keep wiring at a minimum. Both models feature an adjustable voltage output -- a simple turn of a dial allows it to be used with a 12-volt or 16-volt battery. Also, since these are built to handle racing rpm, MSD incorporated a fan baffle, to protect the belt. MSD’s DynaForce alternator is designed for maximum output from low speeds to high rpm, while its dual plane balanced rotor assembly delivers high rpm precision and reliability. Plus, they’re hand-assembled in the U.S.A., and are NEVER rebuilt or refurbished units.

Get It: MSD 915/856-2416 •

A Frame-Off For Your Paint

Leave it to Meguiar’s to come up with products that make your Mopar look like a million, like their Brilliant Solutions Paint Restoration Kit. Think of it as a frame-off resto kit for your ride’s old paint. It contains Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, that washes and conditions your old paint in one easy step, gently foaming away tough dirt, road grime and other contaminants; a 25 gram Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Bar; which removes above-surface contaminants, leaving a glass-smooth paint finish that’s ready for Clearcoat-Safe Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound, which safely restores color and clarity, and cuts just as fast as harsh abrasive compounds without scratching; Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax -- easy to apply, it’s made from only the best Brazilian carnauba wax (fortified with long-lasting polymers) to glide on and off smoothly and leave a deep, rich wax shine; plus applicators and Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels, that absorb twice as much as conventional terrycloth towels do while leaving a swirl-free, mirror-like finish. Meguiar’s Brilliant Solutions Paint Restoration Kit is the all-in-one solution that will turn your ride’s finish from blah to brilliant!

Get It: Meguiar’s •

Brace That ’66-’70 B-Body

When the unibody of your ’66-’70 B-Body is at its best -- i.e. no rust or crash damage -- its engineered-in strength supports you all around, instead of merely underneath you (as in a car with OEM body-on-frame construction). But, what if you’re looking to put a much-more-powerful-than-stock engine in it? Or, how do you make your unibody even stronger, once you’ve replaced its rusted-out old steel with new metal? That’s where US Car Tool’s new inner fender braces come in. They’re designed and engineered to add stiffness and strength to the front end of your ’66-’70 B-Body. They connect the inner fender sheetmetal to the stamped steel shock tower on each side, adding a continuous gusset/brace traveling rearward to the firewall. They’re designed to allow suspension forces to be dissipated into the unibody, rather than causing a bending motion in any single component -- meaning your framerails won’t bend as much when you hit a bump, once you weld these in.

Get It: US Car Tool • 919/855-8200 •

Plug In For More Power!

The codes have been cracked, and tuning modules for 2011-later Mopars -- once thought an impossibility -- are now a reality, thanks to Hypertech’s new “Interceptor” power tuning module? And guess who’s got it? That’s right -- Summit Racing Equipment. You’ll improve your 2011-later Mopar’s power, torque, and economy without turning a wrench. Hypertech’s Interceptor Power Tuning Module plugs into your vehicle’s underhood harness, and automatically recalibrates the factory ECU settings to extract more power from your modern Hemi or Pentastar V6. How much More? How about as much as 22 more horsepower from a ’11-later Challenger, Charger, or 300C with a 5.7 Hemi, and as much as 40 horsepower on a Ram with a 5.7! You also get quicker acceleration, better throttle response, and more miles per gallon without sacrificing drivability -- and, with the Interceptor Power Tuning Module for ’12-’13 Jeep JKs, you get a recalibration device that lets you run oversized tires while maintaining an accurate speedometer.

Get it: Summit Racing Equipment • 800/230-3030 •

Race Tech For Your Dash

Is your Mopar not telling you everything you need to know -- about how fast you’re going, how many rpm your engine is turning, and vital functions like oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level and voltage? Don’t let your ride’s ancient OEM gauge cluster -- or the hole left by one -- get you down. AutoMeter’s new GT Series gauges will fill that knowledge gap (and the hole in your dash). Powered by race-hardened, high-precision internals developed from 56 years of competition experience, AutoMeter’s new GT Series gauges’ fitted matte black bezels minimize cockpit glare, while aircraft-inspired dials constructed from real carbon fiber clearly communicate mission-critical data. They’re available in your choice of mechanical, full-sweep electric or short-sweep electric, plus there’s also a digital wideband air/fuel ratio gauge.

Get It: AutoMeter •

Spray On Stripes…Spray On Protection

Armor All’s Custom Shield Coating is a spray-on, peel-off vinyl coating -- seen here in black, but also available in white, gray and clear -- that you’ll find lots of ways to use on your ride(s). That includes: Instant racing/Bumble Bee stripes; design mockups; window lettering and/or race numbers; masking complex multi-layer paint schemes; blackouts on your hood; parade stenciling; pinstriping; panel painting, bumper and front-body protection from rock chips (instead of a vinyl “bra” that never seems to fit), rear-quarter protection against rubber dust from burnouts, undercarriage protection for show rides (the clear Custom Shield works best here), body protection for open-trailer transporting, wheel protection from scratches and brake dust…plus it’ll protect that custom finish on your race helmet from rollbar and belt scratches.

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