Change The Cam… Keep The Seal

Mopar racers: Have you ever needed to change or adjust the camshaft in your small-block while at the track, and you didn’t want to disturb your oil pan seal—and you didn’t have a lot of time between rounds? That’s why this new timing chain cover from AR Engineering is for you, and your LA or Magnum small-block V-8. Its two-piece construction features a special engine plate that bolts right on the cover, which lets you change your cam—and remove your water pump. That means you can do between-rounds cam changes without disturbing your oil pan seal. It’s CNC-machined from billet aluminum, it’s shallower than a stock cover, for extra room in tight engine compartments, and it fits your 318, 340, or 360, as well as the ’90s-vintage 5.2 and 5.9 Magnum V-8s.

Get It: Mancini Racing • 800/843-2821 •

Not For Grocery-Getters

When you hear the words Demon, carburetor, and 850 together, you know you’re not dealing with a grocery-getter’s carburetor. (That is, unless you’ve got groceries that need to cover a quarter-mile in a big hurry!) Demon’s new Mighty Demon 850 is just the thing for your high-performing big-block, or large displacement/high-revving small-block. It’s a race-style carburetor with annular boost venturii, each with eight discharge orifices for increased signal strength and a reputation for impressive fuel distribution. Intended for big-inch engines with a camshaft duration of 240-plus degrees at .050-inch valve opening, the Mighty Demon 850 is ideal for street car use, bracket racing, and heads-up class racing, and it’s finished in a clear die chromate finish.

Get It: Demon Carburetion • 270/438-2039 •


Want to burn that $3.50-plus/gallon fuel you’re putting in your Mopar better? How about adding the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to your ride? It’s been proven to improve your gas- or diesel-powered ride’s fuel economy by about 1-21⁄2 miles per gallon. Researchers at the University of Connecticut say, “...The catalyst demonstrated the ability to produce reformed fuel species at room temperature...and provides evidence these catalysts are broadly applicable in fuel applications.” A quick look on their website turned one up that’ll work with 5.7 Hemis, for under $300. You’ll get what you see here: the Fitch in-line unit, hose set with quick-disconnect fittings, adaptors, hardware, and complete installation instructions. There’s no need to cut into your fuel line, and it adapts to your existing OEM quick-connect fittings.

Get It: Fitch Fuel Catalyst 888/881-2774