More Juice = More Power

There are times that electronic coil-on-plug ignition under your modern Mopar’s hood could use some help. That’s where the PowerMAX SparkMAX ignition system voltage booster from JMS Chip & Performance comes in. It’s designed to deliver as much as 80 percent more ignition voltage than stock—which means more power and better fuel economy, while eliminating spark blowout in supercharged or turbocharged applications. Output voltage is controlled by a dash-mounted control knob that adjusts voltage up to 24 volts, and there’s also a “voltage save” feature that lets you save your voltage output setting during installation. It has a continuous output rating of 18 amps at 21 or 24 volts, it operates with an input voltage between 9.5 and 19 volts DC, and comes complete with everything needed for a DIY installation.

Get It: JMS Chip & Performance • 601/766-9424 •

Clean Your Fuel

Fuel filters—your Mopar needs one, if you want it to run the way it should. That’s why Quick Fuel Technology’s new billet aluminum filters are worth a look. They’ll work on carbureted and high-pressure fuel injection systems, they’re compatible with most fuels (including alcohol and E85), and they’re designed for maximum flow—with pressure drops of less than 1 psi at 1,500 pounds-per-hour (pph) of fuel flow. QFT’s In-Line Billet Fuel Filter features Viton O-ring-sealed end caps for superior strength and corrosion resistance, and comes in three sizes (8 AN, 10 AN, and 12 AN), and two different filter media (10-micron cellulose and 40-micron stainless steel). Need a replaceable filter element? Go with QFT’s Canister Fuel Filter. Also featuring Viton O-ring sealed end caps, its inlets and outlets are threaded for large ½-inch x 14 NPT fittings for high fuel flow capacity. Two replacement filter elements are available—10-micron cellulose and 100-micron stainless steel.

Get it: Quick Fuel Technology (QFT) • 270/793-0900 •

Spray On, Wipe Clean

Need to clean light dirt and dust off your Mopar? (Like when you’re on an out-of-town trip to a show?) AMSOIL’s Miracle Wash Waterless Wash & Wax is just what you need. It’s a quick and convenient automotive wash that protects against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, repels light dirt and dust, and leaves your car or truck with a shiny, tough protective finish. Specially-formulated surfactants lift dust and dirt from the surface and hold it in suspension. Miracle Wash then acts as a shield, protecting the surface from abrasion while you wipe the surface clean. AMSOIL’s Miracle Wash Waterless Wash & Wax is not only good for your show/cruise ready Mopar, but it’s also ideal for your daily driver(s), work truck or RV.

Get it: AMSOIL •

Resto-Project Ready

1967-’68 big-block–powered Mopars are cool—especially if they came with factory Airtemp A/C. But getting a correct and complete set of alternator brackets for them can be tough, if not impossible. That is, until now, thanks to Herb’s Parts. Here’s their all new alternator mounting bracket set for B/RB-powered (and factory Airtemp A/C-equipped) ’67-’68 Plymouths, Dodges, Chryslers and Imperials. They’ve got the look and feel of the original parts, and are a must if you’re doing a full-on restoration. They come complete with a cast alternator mounting bracket, adjusting strap, alternator support bracket, cast idler pulley spacer, idler pulley bracket with pulley, heater hose bracket, all correct mounting hardware, and a detailed installation diagram—and they’re just $199 per set, plus shipping.

Get It: Herb’s Parts • 302/376-8508 •

Unibody Building

If your winter project involves a ’67-’76 A-Body and an engine that’s stronger than its original one, you (and your ride’s unibody) need structural help like these weld-in inner fender braces from U.S. Car Tool. Just like their B-Body and E-Body inner fender braces, they’re designed and engineered to add stiffness and strength by connecting the inner fender sheet metal to the stamped-steel shock tower, and adding a continuous gusset/brace travelling rearward to the firewall. They’re designed to allow suspension forces to be dissipated into the unibody, rather than causing a bending motion in any single component. That means that your frame rails will not bend as much when you get on the throttle—and your Mopar won’t be trying to twist itself into a pretzel!

Get it: U.S. Car Tool • 919/855-8200 •

In-Car Coolness

Got a 6.4 Hemi-powered ’08-later Challenger? How about adding these new “HEMI 392” door badges from American Car Craft to your LY-Body’s door inner panels. They’re made of brushed stainless steel with a polished outer trim ring, combined with a gloss-red “392” and matte black “HEMI” that make them pop visually. (Especially when you open your door at a show or a cruise night!) Installation? It’s peel-and-stick easy, which makes these new dress-ups from American Car Craft must-haves, like the rest of their proudly-made-in-the-U.S.A. lineup!

Get It: American Car Craft • 727/861-1500 •