"Sport Track" Your B/RB or 426 Hemi

March Performance's serpentine pulley systems aren't just finely-designed and engineered pieces of hardware for the front of engine—they're works of mechanical art that look cool in their own right, like their new "Sport Track" serpentine pulley system for B/RB and 426 Hemi engines. It's designed for the budget-minded builder, with the same March Performance quality and innovation as their "Style Track" kits. Each one comes complete with pulleys and a strong, compact, one-piece combination alternator and A/C bracket, manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, but with a more economical silver or black finish. A simple bolt-in installation replaces your low performance V-belts and pulleys, and the larger crank pulley that's included means better cooling and improved battery charging during low-speed driving—and its "no slip" operation eliminates belt throwing. It's CNC machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and it comes complete with all accessories including a 105 amp chrome alternator, a Samden A/C compressor, power steering unit, aluminum water pump, pulleys, brackets, belt tensioning tool, and all mounting hardware. You can also add remote power steering (which adds a power steering pump, pulley, lines, bracket and mounting hardware), a 140 amp alternator, and a braided stainless power steering line kit.

Get It: March Performance • 888/729-9070 • www.marchperf.com

Cool Power

Supercharging is great…but supercharging with a way to cool down the pressurized intake charge via an intercooler is even better, with all that cool air meaning even more power than a non-intercooled supercharged engine can deliver. That's the thinking behind ProCharger's new intercooled ProCharger System for your 6.4 Hemi-powered Challenger SRT8. It's their latest power-adder for modern Mopars, and it produces 200+ additional horsepower on stock 6.4 Hemis with only 7 pounds of boost, and it comes with all needed components for a quick and complete installation. With it, you'll get the largest and safest power gains on pump gas, with coolest charge air temperatures. That 200+ hp figure is for totally-stock 6.4 Hemis, but ProCharger says if you've got a modified one under your SRT8's hood, this will support higher HP gains. Bolt it on, dyno it…and see for yourself!

Get It: ProCharger • 913/338-2886 • www.procharger.com

Open Wide

What's one way to increase your late-model Hemi's power? How about adding a larger throttle body, like FAST's "Blackout Big Mouth LT" 87mm throttle body for your 5.7, 6.1, or 6.4 Hemi. This powder coated throttle body features a cable pull design that is perfect for users of aftermarket ECUs like FAST's XFI. At 87mm, its CNC'd bore is the largest to fit the stock intake, and helps to create maximum horsepower, while its progressive throttle pulley aids drivability. The Blackout Big Mouth LT also includes a double return spring, cable mount, plus AC and TPS sensors.

Get it: FAST/ COMP Performance Group • 877/334-8355 • www.fuelairspark.com

Ultra Domination

A lot of Mopar racers think that Holley's Dominators are the perfect line of racing carburetors. Guess what? Holley's improved on that perfection with their new Gen 3 Ultra Dominators. They feature an all-new main body, all new calibrations, high capacity fuel bowls, and new larger sizes (950, 1350, 1425 and 1475 cfm) to go with the standard 1050, 1150 and 1250 CFM versions you've come to expect. Each Gen 3 Ultra Dominator received a new calibration optimized for today's larger engines and newest fuels, and were also dyno and track tested to ensure performance. The venturii throat-to-throttle bore section is fully machined for predictable and repeatable performance, and a new idle-bypass valve was incorporated to maintain proper throttle plate-to-transfer slot relationship on engines with radical camshafts. To keep up with today's electronics, a throttle position sensor mount is featured on every main body, and a sensor is available separately. Integrated air scoop mounting bosses are also new to the Gen 3 main body. Holley's new Gen 3 Ultra Dominators are available in a tumble-polished finish with red or black metering blocks, or with a hard anodized Hard Core Gray main body with black metering blocks (seen here).

Get It: Holley • www.holley.com

No Replacement For Displacement

It's true—a sure way to increase your engine's output is to increase its displacement. Instead of having your stock 5.7, 6.1 or 6.4 Hemi block bored out, increase its displacement by lengthening its stroke with Eagle's new stroker crankshaft and rod kit. This stroker kit includes a forged 4340 steel crank, forged 4340 steel H-beam connecting rods, forged pistons and rings, and racing bearings—ready to install in your Hemi. It's available balanced, and you can also get the crankshaft or the H-beam rods set separately.

Get it: Eagle Specialty Products Inc. • 662/796-7373 • www.eaglerod.com

Headers For Your Modern Hemi Swap

Mention the name "Doug's Headers" to anyone who's into high-performance Mopars, and they'll tell you about the exhaust headers that came from Doug Thorley's original shop. Doug's starting in 1958, and really brought out the power in the FirePower Hemis, B/RB and LA-series V-8s—and let's not forget their 426 Hemi headers! Now, Doug's Headers has tuned long-tube headers specifically designed to fit the modern 5.7/6.1/6.4 Hemi engines in E-Body, or most '68-'77 B-Body applications, and give the maximum ground clearance possible. Their four-tube, under-chassis exit design is made from 16-gauge tubing for durability, with 1 5/8-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors for increased horsepower and torque in the midrange. They'll fit automatic and manual-transmission-equipped cars, and they'll work with power brakes, power steering and air conditioning. They come standard with a polished high luster heat and corrosion resistant metallic ceramic coating for a rich appearance and long life (or uncoated, if you wish), and they come with reducers, 1100-degree Fahrenheit rated gaskets, and premium installation hardware.

Get It: Doug's Headers • 909/599-5955 • www.pertronix.com