The cost was $13.85 for A- and E-Bodies, $15.05 for all B-Bodies, as well as Dodge and Plymouth C-Bodies. The price tag for HIP colors was $15.20 for Chryslers.

Using the Chrysler-Plymouth names, the line-up consisted of In Violet Metallic (FC7), Sassy Grass Green (FJ6), Bahama Yellow (EL5), Tor-Red (EV2), Lemon Twist (FY1), and Curious Yellow (GY3). Lime Light (FJ5), Vitamin C Orange (EK2), and Moulon Rouge (FM3) were all dropped after 1 year, 111/42 years, and 11/42 year after introduction, respectively.

Less HP, Less Color
1972 saw the palette of colors reduced to two: EV2 Hemi Orange/Tor-Red and FY1 Top Banana/Lemon Twist. The fad for HIP colors was quickly fading. The onslaught of emissions/safety regulations and high insurance premiums was putting a big hurt on the muscle car movement and all of its ancillaries-including colors.

By 1973, the list was down to FY1-Top Banana/Lemon Twist, and availability consisted of Dodge and Plymouth A-, B-, and E-Bodies, as was the case in 1972.

HIP colors were not catalogued after 1973. A known exception was '74 Dodge trucks, which offered Bahama Yellow. If there are any Dodge trucks factory painted in any HIP color, then please write!

Are You Man Enough?
All '69-'73 Mopars with High Impact Paint are both unusual and collectible. However, Code FM3 Panther Pink/Moulon Rouge is especially prized for its limited availability and glow in the dark attributes. One of the reasons I purchased a '71 Road Runner was because of its FC7 In Violet paint job. Once again, if you know of any factory original Mopars other than A-, B-, or E-Bodies, you gotta let us know. Those would include Imperials.

Names From Big Brother and The Great White NorthSome of the Canadian names for the HIP colors were different from their U.S. counterparts. For example, the code FC7 was Ultra Violet for Canada. FJ5 was dubbed Lime Green. Additionally, some also received corporate names such as code FJ6 was named Brite Yellow Green, FM3-Penta-Magenta, Ceramic Red, Purple Metallic for EV7, and Super Yellow for FY1, which was both a Canadian name and a corporate name.

Vote For Color Changes
From the "Did you know?" department: DaimlerChrysler currently has a toll-free hotline setup for paint color requests for Dodge passenger cars and light-duty trucks. Phone in your favorites at 1-800-992-1997.

Have You Got HIP Info?
Please send the appropriate paperwork to:Karl Pippart III
Dept. HIP Colors
23 Pueblo Road, New Britain, PA 18901-5144.

In a future "The Final Word" column, we will tally up the results of HIP colors to car/truck lines for '69-74. As always, no VINs will ever be released. Thank you very much for your help !