HIP Colors for 1969-’74
Code Dodge Name Chrysler-Plymouth Name Year(s) Car Lines
FC7 Plum Crazy Metallic In Violet Metallic 1970-71 A-, B-, & E-Bodies
F6 Bright Green Metallic 1969 Dodge A- & B-Bodies
FJ5 Sublime Lime Light 1970 A-, B-, & E-Bodies
FJ6 Green Go Sassy Grass Green 1970-71 A-, B-, & E-Bodies
K2 Vitamin "C" Orange 1969 Plymouth B-Body
EK2 Go Mango Vitamin "C" Orange 1970 A-, B-, & E-Bodies
96 Bahama Yellow 1969 Dodge B-Body
99 Bahama Yellow 1969 Plymouth B-Body
EL5 Butterscotch Bahama Yellow 1971 A-, B-, & E-Bodies
Unknown Bahama Yellow 1974 Dodge truck
FM3 Panther Pink Moulon Rouge 1970 A-, B-, & E-Bodies
V2 Hemi Orange 1969 Dodge A- & B-Bodies
EV2 Hemi Orange Tor-Red 1970-72 A-, B-, C- & E-Bodies
FY1 Top Banana Lemon Twist 1970-73 A-, B-, C- & E-Bodies
GY3 Citronyella Curious Yellow 1971 A-, B-, C- & E-Bodies

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