On our first outing, it became apparent that nothing was going to happen. The skies opened, and the rain came down. We would have to wait another day. When we did get a chance to get back to the track, the weather was nice, and track was ready, so we headed for the staging lanes. After heating up the ET Drag slicks, we lined up and got ready for the moment of truth. When the lights came down, Dave launched the Coronet and right out of the box got a 1.74 60-foot time. Not bad for a big car considering it has worn-out shocks, and we are quite certain there was a lot of flexing going on with no subframe connectors or body stiffening aids. addressing those issues is next on the list. For now, since we are certain we put everything in place and tightened the bolts, it was time to let it all hang out. We decided to make a couple round-robin laps since we were just about the only ones there. the car consistently made 60-foot times in the 1.74-1.80. The 60-foot times varied because we were trying different tire pressures, ranging from 13 to 18 psi. We ran back-to-back runs for a few hours, and the only time we stopped was to change tire pressures. Our best 60-foot times came with 18 psi in the Mickey Thompson slicks.

Well, we tried to break something, and it didn't happen. All we can say is, that's a testament to the durability of the new Truetrac and the Moser parts we abused . . . er, we mean tested.

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