We designed the rules of our engine challenge to encourage engine builders to demonstrate that great power can be made while still remaining within the confines of a realistic budget. By factoring the cost of the parts that were used to build each engine into the combined horsepower and torque of the engine, we pretty much forced the builders to spend sensibly in order to be competitive. Even so, it took a combination of high-horsepower, stump-pulling torque, and prudent spending to place highly in our challenge. Some builders obviously went for big power numbers, sacrificing money on expensive parts, and a couple went for the win with extremely budget-friendly builds.

This year's winner was David Bruns of Mid America Racing Engines. David didn't make the most power, nor did he spend the least amount of money to build his engine, but he was close enough in both categories to win this year's challenge.

Though Mid America's engine won this year's challenge, all the entries put up a respectable showing. Most of the wedge engines easily out-powered last year's Hemis, partly due to our relaxation of the roller-cam rule. Also, the 3,000- to 7,000- rpm range definitely favored the big-block's wedge cylinder-head design. Our Rockett Brand 93 octane fuel limited the compression in most of these engines, though some tricks were utilized to avoid detonation while pushing compression to the limits of what can be considered pump-gas friendly.

In the next several issues, we'll go inside each of the engines entered in our contest, letting you look at what it takes to build a killer street wedge. While learning from experience is great, gaining knowledge from other peoples experience is far cheaper, so read and learn!

This month, we'll go inside the engines of both the first and second place finishers: Mid America Racing Engines and J.D. Engine and Machine.

'06 Participants
Best Machine Racing Engines
Chuck Millen
24808 Romano St.
Warren, MI 48091

Hitech Motorsport
Bart Wells
13915 Radium St. NW Ste C
Ramsey, MN 55303

J.D. Engine and Machine
Jeff Dickey
900 Spencer Ave.
Columbia, MO 65203

Mid America Racing Engines
David Bruns
1945 W 18th St.
Washington, IA 52353

Mopar Engines West
David Timmons & Richard Nedbal
37530 Enterprise Ct. No. 4
Newark, CA 94560

MRL Performance
Mike Liston
4651 Culley Ln.
Jackson, MI 49201

Ben Gorman & Mike Stark
30-A Gasoline Alley
Indianapolis, IN 46222

August Cederstrand
131 N. Lang Ave.
West Covina, CA 91790