Hakim's goal over the winter was to replace the exhaust system, looking to maintain the production system layout and exhaust manifolds, while aiming to improve flow and performance in the bargain. The tti 211/42-inch system fit the bill perfectly. TTI's factory replacement system utilizes more streamlined mandrel bends in place of the original's constricting compression bends, and is designed as a bolt-in system to mate with the factory exhaust manifolds and system hanger locations. For mufflers, the preference is DynoMax's Super-Turbo, a free breathing muffler that retains the original reverse flow system and traditional sound quality. For the installation, the car was taken to the garage of Jack Irons, a leading F.A.S.T. competitor, in Ortonville, Michigan, where Jack Irons Sr. and Jr. handled bolting the pieces in place. As is typical of tti's products, the exhaust went in the chassis without a glitch, bolting in as though they were stock components.

What isn't stock is the flow capacity provided by the better contours of tti's smoothly bent 211/42-inch pipes. The system was terminated with un-adorned down-pipes at the rear bumper, as was original for this car. DynoMax's mufflers provide a pleasing traditional tone, truer to the old-time musclecar sound than today's popular straight-through or chambered performance mufflers. The system looked and sounded good, but the bottom line was whether or not any measurable performance increase could be nabbed at the track.

After the winter thaw, the Road Runner was taken to its home track: Michigan's Milan Raceway. Here, the free-flowing exhaust definitely showed an edge, dropping e.t. substantially to 12.58, while tripping the clocks at 109 mph. Finding a couple of tenths and a couple of mph is an indication of a worthy power increase. The exhaust change helped chip away at the e.t., making this stock-engine Road Runner a solid mid-12-second car, in full street trim. Yes, the good old musclecar days were as good as we remember them.

  60-ft e.t e.t. mph
stock 1.89 12.81 107.2
tti 1.87 12.58 109.0
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