Small Package, Big Power
Would you believe you can have a powerful battery for your car that only weighs 13.5 pounds? the engineers at Performance Distributors have developed the Dyna-Batt-a compact dry-cell battery. Lose some weight from the front of your Mopar by removing your big 40-pound, acid-filled battery and drop in a Dyna-Batt. Technology advancements utilized in the Dyna-Batt allow this small battery to crank an automotive engine with ease. Very low internal resistance and fast current flow lead to easy starts.

This dry cell battery has no liquid or gel inside, so there is no chance acid will leak if the battery is cracked in a collision. If you are storing your car for the winter, the Dyna-Batt has an excellent storage life and recharges quickly. dimensions are 7x3x611/42 inches. GET IT: Performance Distributors; 901/396-5782;

Wedge Toppings
What would you say if we told you that you can easily add 100 hp to your 440 wedge? The folks at Indy Cylinder Head say you can do just that with their 440-1 aluminum head kit. With its assembled heads, manifold, pushrod kit, and all the other necessary parts between the block and carb, this kit will transform a power-deprived engine into a serious street/strip powerplant. Every component has been chosen by Indy's engineers for the ultimate in parts compatibility and performance, ensuring some serious horsepower gains. If you would rather have cast-iron heads, similar kits are also available. GET IT: Indy Cylinder Head; 317/862-3724;

Rust Stopper
KBS Coatings announces their superior rust-neutralizing paint called RustSeal. RustSeal not only delivers the most advanced rust-protective coating technology and performance on the planet, but is also offered in a wide range of colors: Oxide Red, Guardian Green, Off-White, Gloss Black, Satin (OEM) Black, Silver, Grey, and even transparent. RustSeal is a moisture-cured coating, which dries to a hard, yet flexible, watertight seal that won't chip, blister, or peel, and endures the harshest weather conditions. This surface coating provides the ultimate rust protection for industrial, automotive, equipment, marine, farm, and other maintenance needs. GET IT: KBS Coatings; 800/304-6740;

Flat Pipes
We've heard it many times, "I want to run a big exhaust pipe, but ground clearance is an issue." Well, Ram Air Restoration has solved the problem. They have an all-mandrel-bent, "ovalized" exhaust system available in 3- and 311/42-inch sizes. The kit even comes with a crossover pipe to improve your torque. Slip-fit oval joints makes for easy installations, and the header flanges and oval-to-round transitions are included. GET IT: Ram Air Restoration; 800/421-8455;

Completely Blocked
Diamondback Engines announces their "Short
Blocks To Go" division. "Short Blocks to Go" are precision machined and assembled high-performance short-blocks for the enthusiast and racer. Small-block displacements of 360 and 410 inches, as well as big-block displacements of 383, 400, 438, 440, 451, 493, and 499 are usually in stock and ready to ship. With the proper selection of heads and camshaft, these short-blocks can be either an Extreme Pump Gas Street motor or an all-out drag race motor

Diamondback Engines can either finish building the engine for you, or hook you up with the parts you need for the exact engine you want. GET IT: Diamondback Engines; 281/238-6900;

Alarming Safety
Most of us will agree that killing a car's electrical power is the single most effective way to keep a thief from driving it away. But standard battery cutoff switches are fairly easy to defeat with a set of jumper cables, and thieves giggle at car alarms, so what do you do? simple: you call Ron Francis and ask for their "Safe-n-Sound" remote power disconnect.

One click of the key fob completely shuts down your car's electrical system. It's accomplished by routing the main battery cable through a remote cutoff solenoid that you've stashed in a place not easily accessible to a thief. Trigger it with the key fob as you walk away, and voila-battery disconnected. If you need more, step up to the four-channel kit that not only shuts off all power from the battery, but also operates three other circuits-closing the windows, triggering the power door locks, and interrupting electrical power to the fuel pump-all separate from the main battery cutoff. Both kits come with everything you need. GET IT: Ron Francis Wiring; 800/292-1940;