Off The Rails
Goodmark's '68-'70 Mopar B-Body rear framerails hit the market with full force. Designed for two-door Satellite, Chargers, and Coronet models, the new framerails can help you with your next project. Countless people reuse rusted framerails or repair them, which isn't safe. Installing new steel from Goodmark not only increases safety but will last longer than the old, rusted metal framerails.

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A Shot Of Style
Holeshot Wheels now offers Mopar style with the performance you've come to expect from them. The new Pentastar one-piece wheels are forged from Billet 6061 aluminum and offered in 4- or 5-lug and 15- or 16-inch diameters. Widths range from 3 inches to a massive 19 inches with single or double bead locks in any bolt pattern. The front runners are SFI Certified, meet or exceed the highest industry standards, and because of their light weight, they reduce rotating mass and improve performance. To complement the Pentastar design, wheels can be anodized for a unique look to match your ride.

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Holeshot Wheels

Proven Strength
As the aftermarket for late-model Hemi performance has heated up, K1 Technologies has been right there. Their 4340 steel crankshafts and connecting rods have been tested in some of the highest powered racing engines and are available in a number of popular stroker combinations. Each K1 crankshaft is magnetic particle inspected, and their rods have double bridge caps to reduce housing bore distortion.

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K1 Technologies

Cool Off
You may be familiar with BeCool for their assortment of radiator and cooling options. Now, they have a new cooling product, BeCoolant, an antifreeze that is ideal for all applications. It features a new-generation earth-friendly biodegradable, propylene-glycol formula that protects cooling systems and aluminum components down to -26 degrees Fahrenheit. They claim that BeCoolant with provide protection for 300,000 miles in all kinds of performance and severe duty applications.

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Bumper Brackets
Don't waste time and money hunting down a pair of bumper brackets that may not even be usable or require restoration. Stephens Performance has a variety of reproduction bumper brackets for A-Bodies ('70-'72 Duster brackets shown), B-Bodies, and E-Bodies. They make a great replacement for the old and rusted originals and bolt right in. They also carry an assortment of other crucial parts for your Mopar restoration projects such as reproduction bumpers.

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Stephens Performance

Good Flow
Originally developed for demanding racing application, K&N's Wrench Off Oil Filters have become a popular choice for everyday consumers. The filter is able to maintain high flow while still providing excellent filtration. This is demanded by anyone with a high performance engine circulating oil at a high rate. The high-flow filter will help reduce the loss of pressure through the filtering process. A great feature of the filter is that it incorporates a nut on the top of the filter body that makes removal a cinch--no more slipping.

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Smooth Operator
American Powertrain announces their new Hydramax hydraulic clutch system. This kit makes installing a hydraulic clutch system simple and easy, and brings the smooth feel of a hydraulic clutch to almost any car. It works with most vintage four-speeds along with T5, TKO, Richmond, and most T56 transmissions. Each kit comes with a Hydramax firewall mount, a volume matched master cylinder and concentric slave cylinder, reservoir kit, lines, fittings, and model specific pedal mounting hardware.They claim their patent pending adjustable master cylinder bracket allows you to mimic any original clutch rod angle, giving you a modern clutch feel without hacking up your firewall.

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American Powertrain

Safe Transport
Muscle Motors releases their new injection-molded plastic Crankshaft Boxes. They claim to have sent crankshafts back and forth across the country without any issue. Anyone who has had the burden of transporting a crankshaft understands the difficulty involved. A good crankshaft box can simplify the process and also protect it from damage. This box will work with both big-block and small-block cranks and come with rubber inserts for increased protection. They also have metal inserts that accept a 3/8 cap screw to securely attach the top and bottom pieces.

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