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Mopar LA small-block builders: Looking for an affordable high-flowing cast iron cylinder head? Check out EngineQuest's new, cast iron Chrysler Magnum heads. They'll wake up any 318, 340, 360 (or Magnum/LA-based "stroker") right out of the box. Cast with premium materials and machined to exact tolerances, EngineQuest's iron Magnum cylinder heads accept production or aftermarket valvetrain components, intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds and headers. They're an affordable alternative to pricey aftermarket aluminum heads, while not giving up power for racing or severe street usage. Two versions are available—one fits the pre-1990 LA-style intake manifold bolt pattern that still uses all Magnum rocker parts, and the other is machined for the production 1992-2004 5.2 and 5.9 Magnum intake manifold bolt pattern. They'll also retrofit on virtually any 1967 or newer Chrysler 273-318-340-360 LA smallblock with ease. That means no more "junkyard crawl," or spending weekends at swap meets looking for rusty head castings. EngineQuest engineered and designed these heads to outperform any production cylinder head, including the legendary factory 1968-71 340 "X" casting…while fitting your budget.

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Steer Your Modern Mopar Right…
…with AMSOIL's newly-reformulated Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Power Steering Fluid. It provides better wear protection and improved cold weather performance, and meets the growing demands of newer vehicles. The redesigned synthetic chemistry delivers excellent lubricity and friction-reduction properties. Its low pour point ensures immediate lubrication at start-up and in cold temperatures, yet it resists thermal breakdown in high temperatures. Formulated with a high viscosity index, AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering Fluid resists heat for long fluid life. It helps seals remain soft to prevent leaks, while keeping steering system components cleaner, with maximum protection against wear and stress, so they last longer. AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is recommended for power steering systems requiring PS fluid meeting these factory specs: Chrysler MS-1872, MS-5931, MS-9602 and MS-11655; American Motors Corporation C 4124; and Mitsubishi Diamond SP III & PS Fluid. (Be sure to follow your ride's OEM service recommendations to ensure optimum performance.)

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More Real Steel For '68-'70 B-Bodies
Here's some reproduction steel that you B-Body restorers and builders have needed for a long time: Firewall side lower filler panels from ShermanParts. These pieces fit your two-door '68-'70 Plymouth Belvedere, Satellite, Sport Satellite, Road Runner and GTX—or same-vintage Dodge Coronet Deluxe, Coronet 440, Coronet 500, Super Bee and Charger. (They also fit the '69 Charger 500 and Charger Daytona, and the '70 Superbird.) These new licensed-by-Ma Mopar panels match all the details of the originals that have been non-existent for some time now. (i.e. since the stamping plants tooled up for the '71s.) They provide the highest standards of fit and finish that builders and restorers like you have come to expect from Sherman's products. The firewall side lower filler panels come ready for installation, retail for $82.99 per side (plus tax and shipping) and ShermanParts can ship them anywhere in the world.

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Sherman & Associates

Resto Lamps
Thanks to those cracked, weathered and otherwise trashed turn sign/parking light assemblies on the front of your '70 or '71 Challenger or '70 Charger, your turn signals haven't been working, have they? (Or, are those originals gone, a casualty of too many front-end crunches?). B/E & A's now got ready-to-install repro parking light assemblies for these classic early-'70s Dodges. They feature all the correct part numbers, Pentastar, pigtail, cadmium plating and injected acrylic lenses. They're ready to install, and they'll restore the function and looks that your original ones used to have. Plus, they'll save you the hassle of trying to find good used or ultra-rare NOS ones!

B/E & A Restoration Parts

Style & Function
Want to do something different with your project Mopar's dash, while keeping a vintage look with modern-tech works? Add a set of AutoMeter's new Cruiser AD gauges to your dash. Cruiser AD's tri-tone hybrid dials are backlit with Autometer's most advanced LED illumination, and powered by their signature race-proven internals. This assures you the same accuracy and durability that the top NHRA and NASCAR teams have trusted for over 50 years. Discerning performance enthusiasts (like you) will appreciate their industry-leading 270 degree sweep stepper motor movements for critical readings—including oil pressure, water temperature, battery voltage and fuel level—which deliver incomparable precision, resolution, and styling symmetry. AutoMeter's Cruiser AD gauges will also give you unparalleled night time visibility, proving they're more than just another dashboard adornment.

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E-Body Brightwork
If you're looking for E-Body windshield molding sets, Stephens Performance now offers these all-new reproduction sets. Licensed by the official "Mopar Authentic Restoration Product" program—which means that Ma Mopar's original blueprints were used to make the tooling—these ones are made out of stainless steel, just like the originals, and they fit just like the OEM pieces. The factory original pieces were subject to extreme wear from the elements (and wipers) over the last 40-plus years, and usually show heavy signs of wear. If you don't want to "make do" with your old ones—and/or you can't find any NOS or NORS ones, Stephens Performance has you (and the perimeter of your '70-'74 Challenger and Barracuda's windshield) covered.

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Stephens Performance

Prevent Rust-Thru With Weld-Thru
Classic Industries' all-new Weld-Thru line of reproduction Mopar body metal is the forefront of a new trend in the restoration industry. Instead of the traditional black EDP coating which must be removed before welding, Weld-Thru products are finished with a special silver weld-through primer, which provides corrosion protection between overlapped panels and promotes superior weld characteristics. Heat-affected-zone problems are eliminated, panel distortion is reduced, and your welds will penetrate better into the dense steel, compensating for impurities in the existing sheetmetal. These Weld-Thru panels are now available for your E-Body project: '70-'74 Challenger quarter-panel and door frame—left and right sides; and E-Body (all) inner cowl side hinge panel—left and right sides.

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Classic Industries

Big Tubes, Big Sound
What fun is a modern Hemi Challenger without a snarly, free-flowing exhaust system? Not much at all—that's why Summit Racing now offers big-bore cat-back exhausts for 5.7 Hemi-powered '09-'11 Challengers, and '11 6.4L Hemi-powered Challenger SRT8s. Features include three-inch-diameter, mandrel-bent tubing for excellent exhaust flow—and that helps free up horsepower. You also get four glasspack-style mufflers that control sound during cruising, but emit a healthy growl when you stomp on the throttle. These systems mount in the factory hanger locations and come with installation hardware (including clamps) and instructions to make this a DIY-easy, do-it-this-weekend project. And did we mention the sound these big-bore, glasspack cat-back setups make?

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Summit Racing Equipment

Little Bumpers, Big Looks
Here's a set of bumpers you'll never see in action, but you need like the chrome (or body-color) ones at each end of your Mopar: hood bumpers, from Stroker's Hot Rod Parts. These stainless steel items are custom-machined, polished, then topped with a rubber cushion that'll help keep the underside of your hood away from your air cleaner, A/C compressor or alternator—and look great doing it. Priced at just $30 per set, you can't afford not to put 'em in your winter project's engine bay!

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Stroker's Hot Rod Factory