Permanent Fill-Ins
We're talking about the bumper end fillers on your '71 or '72 Challenger. Four-decades-plus take their toll on them and leave them discolored and cracked, looking awful, at best. Solution: a set of repro bumper end fillers from Metro Moulded Parts. Made in the U.S.A with new-tech materials, they feature correct-as-original contours and shapes. Galvanized steel inserts are molded inside, exactly like the factory-original bumper end-fillers your Challenger was equipped with when new. (And just like the NOS/NORS ones you never seem to find at the swap meets.)

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Tune Your Street Demon
Got a Street Demon carburetor? Demon Carburetion's new calibration kit lets you dial-in exact air/fuel ratios for your specific engine. You get four different sizes of primary jets, six different sizes of metering rods, four different weights of metering rod springs, and two different sizes of secondary jets. All components are supplied in pairs, and all jets and needles are stamped for easy identification.If any additional fine-tuning is needed (thanks to by altitude, a big/exotic cam, high compression, engine displacement, or uneven distribution from your intake manifold at different engine speeds), this new calibration kit will fine-tune your Street Demon's fuel curve-and keep that Mopar powerplant under it running right. All that for a retail price just under $55!

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A K For Your A
For you A-Body folks who want to swap in a small- or big-block, and don't want to use that beat-up factory K-member (or what's left of it), QA1 has got you covered. The latest in their line of newly re-engineered Mopar parts is their tubular A-Body K-member. Thanks to its modern-tech design and construction, it drastically increases strength without adding any more weight to your A-Body's front end. It fits a factory steering box for those who need more room for headers and oil pans while cleaning up the engine bay, plus it comes with motor mount attachment points that accept factory and aftermarket motor mounts. Proudly made in the U.S.A., it'll work with either an LA or a B/RB...which means if you want to swap one for the other later, you can use this same K-member. No more chasing down engine-specific K-members!

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