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Mopar Muscle

Mopar Project Cars

Through the years, we've restored several Mopars to show you what is involved with each project car. From the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner to the 1962 Plymouth Valiant, check out all of our project Mopars to get the inside look at each step of the building process.
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Blogs 337

pertronix makes an all-in-one tool for all automotive electrical needs.
Are you making plug wires or wiring your car? You need this tool. ... more
New hand-held tuner for new Mopar vehicles
If you've got a new Dodge vehicle, Diablosport can help you get your tune on!... more
50th Anniversary hits Gainesville
Mopar unveiles a new paint Scheme on the 2014 Funny car of Matt HaganCourtesy Geoff Stunkard... more
Brought to you by The Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation
If you want a Coronet R/T, you can get one practically FREE!... more

Forums 337

correct 1969 engine colour
Hoping one of you can confirm what the correct colour of the engine and transmission should be for... more
65 roadrunner? found in my dirtbiketrails
[img]C:\Users\nick porra\Pictures\2014-08-16 my trails[/img]... more
1967 Plymouth Valiant right fender trim
I'm looking for right fender trim for a '67 Valiant. Got into the wall at March Meets in... more
AMC 79 Spirit, Concord and Pacer
Going through some of my dad's old stuff out in his garage and we found a stack of fliers. These... more
Original E-Body Louvers
Good Morning, My name is Steve, I'm interning at Trim Parts, we bought First Place Auto Products... more
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