Though we didn’t yet have the roll cage in the car, much of the other safety equipment was in place. If our car ran too quickly, we knew we wouldn’t be allowed to race without a cage, but we wanted to see what our Dodge would do. At the Southern Nationals, we entered the street class on Saturday since street cars were running the quarter mile instead of the eighth mile. Technically, our car is street legal with mufflers, DOT tires, headlights, and brake lights, so the street class seemed fitting. Heck, our car even has an alternator, engine driven water pump, an air-cleaner installed, and runs on pump-gas, so we were eager to see how the car ran on the track.

Taking a wild guess on tire pressure, we set the rear drag radials at 16 psi, and made our way to the staging lanes. Not sure if the car would hook up or not, we performed a normal burnout and left the line soft, to make sure we made a clean pass. Leaving the starting line, it was apparent that the Dodge hooked up hard, so we opened her up and let her eat for the quarter mile. We were pleasantly surprised when we got to the e.t. shack and the time slip indicated our Dodge had run a 10.31 second elapsed time at nearly 130 mph. We’re well on our way to running the Nostalgia Super Stock Class, in a car that we can also drive to the local cruise night. Looks like we’ll be installing a roll cage in an upcoming article, to make our Dodge legal for the elapsed times it’s capable of. mm

Sled City fiberglass hood $300
Sled City Max-Wedge hood scoop (5 inches at front) $275
Sled City front bumper $165
Sled City rear bumper $165
Stephens Performance windshield $249.95
Stephens Performance used rear glass Varies by application, call for pricing
Windshield rubber $82.50
Rear window rubber $82.50
RTS front reveal clips $24.95

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