Sure, a race-compression 542ci engine could produce 800+ horsepower, but what we wanted was street reliability and torque. Opening the Lunati catalog to camshafts, Ken chose Lunati's hydraulic PN 33706. Technically, it has the look of an MP Purple Shaft cam with a generous 110-degree centerline. Specs are .507/.534-inch lift, intake and exhaust, respectively, with an advertised duration of 285-degrees on the intake and 295-degrees on the exhaust. Duration at .0500-inch lift is 235/245, intake and exhaust, respectively. Ken chose to install the cam 3-degrees advanced, reducing the centerline to 107-degrees. For those of you with 383s, 400s, and 440s who think this cam is a bit too aggressive, remember, our displacement is 542ci. Ken says, "With that kind of displacement, you don't even hear the cam at idle."

A Lunati 3-position cam chain and sprocket set is used as a Roller thrust button to reduce friction. Here, Ken readies the thrust button for installation with a liberal coating of lithium grease for startup and break-in. No oil is squirted to this location.

The Parts
Description Source Part No. Other Info
Cylinder BlockMopar PerformanceP4529851Water Wedge Block
CrankshaftLunati4.5-inch inch x
2.375-inch journal
Piston RingsSpeed ProR9799-5
Main BearingsFederal Mogul119M std.
Rod BearingsFederal Mogul8-7300SHA
Cylinder HeadsIndy Cylinder Head440-S/RSuper mod porting,
diameter stainless
steel valves
ValvespringsLunati73124Double hydraulic
RetainersLunati757027-deg., steel
Cam ButtonLunati90004Roller bearing
Timing Chain SetLunati9 33125True roller
Head BoltsIndy Cylinder Head440-16
Rocker StudsIndy Cylinder Head440-11
Rocker Shafts Indy Cylinder Head440-14
Oil Line Kit Indy Cylinder Head440-10
Pushrods Indy Cylinder Head440-99.50-inch length
Valve Covers Indy Cylinder Head440-7Indy logo’d
Intake Manifold Indy Cylinder Head440-20Dual plane
Gasket Set Indy Cylinder Head440-33
Oiling System Indy Cylinder HeadIndy MAXX street
Spark PlugsChampion404Gapped @ .025 inches
Ignition WiresHolley50-9807
DistributorMopar PerformanceP4120942Locked out advance
CarburetorHolley80497950cfm Pro Series
w/ vacuum
IgnitionHolley800-300Holley Pro Annihilator
CoilHolley820-100Laser Shot