We’re getting close. Very close. The pent-up enthusiasm about the Holley Road Runner has apparently created quite a stir. In fact, folks approach the Holley roadshow trailer at NHRA and Hot Rod Power Tour events asking where the car is.

Well, as we prepare to write this article, we are mere days away from delivering the Hemi Orange B-Body to Bowling Green, Kentucky, the home of Holley Performance Products. In fact, we’ll soon be traveling there ourselves to gather the final images that will grace an upcoming issue.

For us, however, seeing the suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires on the car proved we were finally getting close.

In this segment of our coverage on the Holley Project Road Runner, we’ll document how John Balow and his crew at Muscle Car Restorations have been true to the concept of musclecar—fat rubber, big power, and wild hues. At the same time, John has used the best the aftermarket has to offer by upgrading the brake and suspension systems to modern-day performance.