It was a simple idea. The '67 Valiant we introduced last month ran fine, but the reliable 170-inch Slant Six that was given residence between the front tires just wasn't what I had in mind. Sure, these engines can be built to produce some respectable numbers on the dyno, but not without some serious mods, and let's not even mention the difference in the sound. So, in this next installment of Project Valiant Effort, we investigated some things you may want to consider if giving your six-powered ride two more cylinders. There are different ways to accomplish this--the way the engine gets mounted, the suspension, and even cooling needs can be covered in a variety of ways. Hopefully, we can give beginners some information and perhaps add to the knowledge of the more experienced. In the end, we want to make this thing run well and keep it together long enough to make a pass or two at the track.