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Finally, there are other things we do to keep things safe during our day of racing. We always carry a fire extinguisher in the car. Don't just throw it on the floor to roll around and maybe end up under your brake pedal; fasten it securely. Even if you mount it in the trunk, you'll probably be able to get to it quicker than the fire truck can get to you if your car is burning. Don't try to race in shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of Birkenstock sandals. No matter what your e.t., long pants, sleeves that cover your arms, and shoes are required.

A helmet is required if running 13.99 seconds or quicker. Yes, they check to see if it is properly rated. It is important to note that the helmet rating must be designated on a tag inside the helmet or sewn to one of the helmet straps. The designation stenciled on the exterior of the helmet is insufficient for NHRA technical inspection. Also, some tracks require all drivers to wear helmets, so check in advance.

Battery Relocation Kit $42.95 *
Optima Battery $129.69 *
Driveshaft loop $24.50 *
Radiator catch can $15.00 *
Lakewood Bellhousing $40.00 *
Disconnect switch  
and long-arm handle $106.90 *
Total wallet damage $359.04 **

* Swap meet find
* Priced through Summit Racing
** You know the drill-prices tallied at time of writing.

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