Mopar Manuals on CD
An undertaking such as this is not for everyone. There is a lot more work involved than you might realize, until you actually do it. If for some strange reason you're like us and enjoy this kind of stuff, a good resource to have on hand is a service manual specific to your car. For us, it makes perfect sense to have it in the garage, but it will inevitably get ruined. Another problem is finding a place to put a fullsize manual while you're working. We decided early on we would need a manual for many of the projects we have undertaken with our Valiant. so we contacted Mopar Manuals on CD and got a copy of the Valiant's service manual. Now we only need to print out the page or pages we need, and we don't have a bulky manual falling off the side of a fender or the workbench.

Mopar Manuals on CD-ROM
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