The Bumpers
Replacement bumpers were definitely a requirement. The originals had been used for their intended purpose, and the tweaks, dents, and twists were the evidence. Our Valiant was not going to be a concours-style restoration (let's face it, it's a Valiant), so having a perfectly chromed front and rear bumper was not a necessity. We did, however, want bumpers. we decided to use a pair of fiberglass pieces from AAR Quality Fiberglass. AAR has been making fiberglass components for Mopars since 1997, and their quality is unquestionable. The only problem we encountered was getting bumpers for a Valiant. Turns out, Dart bumpers will work, so we were in business. The bumpers were covered with faux aluminum paint and look great on the car.

AAR Quality Fiberglass
Cocoa, FL
(321) 638-0961

Tops in Trimming
What about the emblems and other chrome pieces? We couldn't leave them as they were because 36 years of use had left the trim in less than stellar condition. Some of the trim was pitted and/or cracked, and the finish was rough. We were referred to Paul's Chrome Plating and were not disappointed with the results. The small details in some of the emblems were a concern when plating. Sometimes plating can be ill applied, and then you lose some of the small details.

Paul's Plating
Evans City, PA
(800) 245-8679

Superb Stainless
The trim around the front and rear windows (we converted to a '68 style) was scavenged from parts yards, and the grill was the original. Since the car was reaching this level of detail, it was necessary to have these polished. After inquiring with several people, we found that Iverson Automotive is one of the best in the field. All of the window trim pieces and grill were given to Iverson's, and all the little dents that could be repaired were addressed. quite honestly, when the polishing was completed, the trim and grill were better looking than when they were new. George begins by first assessing each piece and making sure it can be repaired. Next comes the task of removing any dents. This is a time consuming process, and takes care and patience with a small hammer to completely remove the dent. Next comes the actual polishing. This step is not only time consuming, it's down right messy. Iverson's has developed a ten-step program of repair and polish that results in show winning finishes.

Iverson Automotive
Minnetonka, MN
(800) 325-0480

So Close...
We are so close, yet so far from finishing. The car is now home andawaiting final assembly. We can't wait until we are finally able to get in and drive it again. And we are sure we won't get thrown out of any cruise nights, at least not because our car isn't nice enough.