Anyway, a couple hours after the day gets started, it's time to finally install the engine and transmission. Back in our August 2009 issue, we showed you Mopar Performance's all-new 340 crate engine. Well, even though a '75 Dart Sport never came with a 340, let alone a 340 Six Pack, that isn't a good enough reason that we couldn't put one in ours. All you need to do is order PN P5153526. You can do like we did and talk to the guys at Roseville Chrysler. Now, the easy way to put an engine and transmission assembly in a Mopar is from the bottom. But we didn't have any way to raise the car high enough, support it, and then remove the K-frame to install the engine on and slide back under the car, so we did it the "other" way, from the top. We installed the new Centerforce clutch and our bellhousing, and proceeded to drop it in without dropping it.

It took a little longer than usual because we had to be careful about not scratching or chipping paint, but it went in fairly easily. With the engine swinging, we climbed under the car and lifted the Passon Performance-rebuilt transmission up into place (we'll show you how we rebuilt it later). I am not sure why, but for some reason, the transmission seemed to be heavier than it used to be. Anyway, with the driveshaft finally re-installed, it was off to the topside. Here is where we ran into a self-inflicted hiccup. After we installed the carburetors, linkage, and fuel line, we then focused on the engine's electricals. We thought we had everything wired, only to hit the switch and listen to the engine turn over but not run. This is where an electrical diagram would've come in handy. I say would've, because for some reason we didn't have one. After a couple of frustrating hours of tracing wires, we called it a day on day two-why is it so dark outside?

The beginning of day three started with a fresh mind, but a face that was a little bleary eyed. The first thing to tackle was the ignition. It's amazing what walking away from something for a while can do for your frame of mind when you come back to it. Anyway, within the first 15 minutes, the wiring culprit was found, and the fix was made. The oil pressure gauge now had a problem, but that's all I have to say about that. So, once the engine was fired, it was time to climb under the car and install the tti exhaust. Man, am I glad that their stuff fits and is easy to install. It only took a couple of hours and it was done. So, we have the car almost done, but now it's time to tackle the stripes. The Dart Sport has a stripe that consists of four individual stripes that surround the car. Thanks to the guys at Phoenix Graphics, you can reapply that factory stripe. The stripe took the better part of the day to install, but most of that time was due to us being overly cautious with the install. This was the first time we installed a kit this large, and it's relatively easy. Look for a complete install article later on.

Anyway, we basically have the car ready, but now comes the final cleanup. We need to buff some paint a little more and completely clean the car inside and out. We'll save that for tomorrow.

It's 6:00 a.m. again, and I slept in a little today-man, am I beat. But, at least it's downhill from here. It's a little tough to get going this morning, but we have to get the car finished in order to make it to Carlisle. So I climb in the car to start it up to work on it outside, and it decides that it doesn't want to start. Oh, it turns over, but when it starts to fire, I touch the throttle and then it lets me know I shouldn't have done that. Now it just turns over, so I pump the throttle a few times, and guess what happens-oh yeah, it's flooded now. So we clean the plugs off and try to start it again-go back and repeat step one. OK, something's not right. After some deductive reasoning and a little diagnostics, it was determined that we had a bad ground. The wiring was there, but so was the fresh paint. Anyway, with the problem fixed, we need to get the car cleaned up and ready to head for Carlisle. We made it. It took a lot of hard work and help from friends and family. Thanks to Lynn, Wayne Colley, and Lorne Burkhart, because having friends in the right places at the right time is a must.

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