By now, you’re likely thinking, With all this talk about weight, aren’t you adding weight to the car? And while the answer to that question is undoubtedly yes, the key is that the frame connectors add minimal weight in specific areas that will greatly stiffen the car’s chassis, and the transmission crossmember is actually half the weight of the factory unit, offsetting at least a portion of the frame connector weight. Both the frame connectors and the transmission crossmember are manufactured from lightweight chrome-moly tubing, and protected with a thick black powder-coat on the surface.

Frame connectors and the tubular transmission crossmember are just a couple of the items offered by Razor’s Edge Motorsports that will improve handling, braking, and even acceleration, including products to lighten LX Mopars like the Challenger. We feel that the improved performance as well as the added safety of having a chrome-moly tube protecting and stiffening the rocker area of the car, are a necessary improvement for a performance vehicle with the Challenger’s potential.

So, if you have a welder or a friend who can weld, the frame connectors are an easy installation and aren’t at all noticeable when looking at the car. In addition to being stronger and lighter than the factory crossmember, the Razor’s Edge tubular crossmember offers a lot more room to work around the transmission and is easy to install by removing four bolts while supporting the transmission with a jack. And the best news is that these parts are economically priced and can be installed in a day. mm


Part Cost
Razor’s Edge frame connectors $289.95
Razor’s Edge transmission crossmember $169.95
Welding wire and gas$4.26

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