Out with the old, in with the new.

Now that the exterior of our project truck is nearly complete--we're simply waiting for the retrofit of our '91-'93 Ram grille in place of the '87 unit--we decided to move to the inside.

So where do you start with a former utilitarian pickup? For us, this project meant we had to remove and discard just about the entire contents of the D-150 in order to meet our goal--to update the interior in a manner that illustrates the exterior's sport truck theme. Working with several suppliers, including Auto Custom Carpets, Crutchfield, Auto Meter, Grant Products, Sewfine, and The Eastwood Company, we launched our plan to fabricate a new interior. The results are shown here to illustrate just how great a sport truck the last generation Ram trucks are. You be the judge!

Only one name comes to mind when it comes to carpet—Auto Custom Carpets. Not only did ACC have the ’87 D-150 carpet available for shipment, but they also had it available in more colors than we could imagine. We opted for gray to match our existing interior panels.