Spark It Up
Proven ignition performance is easily accomplishable, thanks to MSD Ignition and its straightforward installation instructions, which incorporate factory components and aftermarket systems.

Cool Air
The nature of our accessory drives required simplification, as we added an aftermarket air conditioning compressor. Additionally, the opportunity to remove the water pump–mounted fan afforded us a way to remove the power-robbing effect of the cooling fan.

Even Cooler
Although the Slant Six is a venerable and efficient engine, it has a reputation for being a hot runner—and we’re not talking performance here. In order to alleviate the typical concerns of oil and transmission cooling, we added aftermarket coolers to reduce underhood temperatures.

Anyone who has attempted to replace a stock carburetor with an aftermarket unit has dealt with kickdown linkage. Fortunately for Mopar enthusiasts, they have a friend in Randy Bouchillon. Bouchillon’s Kickdown Cable Kit makes head-scratching completely obsolete.

Because we outfitted the Slant Six with a new Hooker header and Holley carb, the original kickdown rods would no longer work. Bouchillon sent us a TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit that installed so easy, we’re still amazed. This kit works with most ’62-and-later Chrysler rear-wheel-drive vehicles fitted with a TorqueFlite transmission and just about any carburetor, including our Holley 2-bbl.