Installing the Dynalite Pro Series front brakes on our Dodge is straightforward, and first requires removing the stock brakes from the car. The hub and rotor are separate pieces that must be assembled before installation, and fit directly onto the factory drum brake spindle. The caliper mount also bolts directly to the factory spindle, and the brake kit comes with all new wheel bearings and performance brake pads. The PN 140-11020 front brake kit we utilized features 11-inch vented rotors, and we chose the option of having the rotors drilled and slotted to further reduce weight and improve heat dissipation. The calipers provided with our front brake kit are lightweight aluminum four-piston units, powder coated black. Compared to the factory drum brakes, the Wilwood Dynalite disc brakes shaved nearly 35 pounds from the front of our B-Body.

Knowing that the rear brakes only provide about 30 percent of the car’s braking, we decided we could utilize a somewhat lighter set of rear disc brakes by opting for non-vented rotors. The Wilwood Dynapro dynamic mount drag race rear axle kit will offer dramatically better braking than our car’s factory drum brakes, while also lightening the car significantly. In fact, each of the four drum brake assemblies we removed from our Dodge weighed right at 30 pounds, while the entire Wilwood rear disc brake kit for both sides weighs less than 25 pounds, which is less than a single drum brake assembly. The Dynapro rear brake kits are available in a variety of offsets, including the 21⁄2-inch offset required for our application. The rotors with our kit are 11.44 inch diameter, and are drilled for lightening. These rear rotors are also separate from the hubs, and must be assembled prior to being placed on the axle. The rear calipers are made from billet aluminum, and utilize aluminum mounting brackets that bolt directly to the axle ends of our 8 ¾ differential.

All told it took the better part of a day to install our brake kits, then another day to measure, buy from the local parts store, and install all new steel brake lines for our car. We also installed Wilwood’s billet aluminum tandem master cylinder, which required the fabrication of an adapter plate since our car was equipped with power brakes from the factory. We used ¼-inch aluminum plate for our adapter, drilling holes to mount the plate using the factory provisions for the brake booster. We also installed one of Wilwood’s adjustable proportioning valves in the line to the rear brakes, mounting it in a position accessible from the driver’s seat for easy adjustment. With the brakes installed, we filled the system with Wilwood high temp 570 brake fluid, bled the system, and checked for leaks.

Once we complete our Dodge project car we’ll test the brakes and seat the pads. We’re sure our car will stop in substantially shorter distances with the Wilwood brakes installed, making it much safer on the street or at the track. Our Dodge is lighter as well, and much of the weight savings is rotating weight, which makes a substantial difference in acceleration performance. Be sure to follow future issues of Mopar Muscle as we continue building our Nostalgia Super Stock Dodge, and check out for additional photos of this car.

Price Tag

Part PN Cost
Wilwood Dynalite Pro front disc brake kit 140-11020 $787.49
Wilwood Dynapro rear disc brake kit 140-12546 $694.99
Wilwood aluminum tandem master cylinder 260-8555-BK $239.95
Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve 260-8419 $41.94
Wilwood flexible brake lines 220-8307 $59.95
Metal brake lines from local parts store $115.00

4700 Calle Bolero
CA  93012