It’s a scenario that we’re positive has played out more often than not in the street racing world, especially “back in the day.” Mopar guy pulls up to the stop light next to a Camaro. Camaro guy revs his throttle to announce his intent, and Mopar guy reciprocates with a short “blip” of the throttle. The Camaro guy has no idea what’s about to happen—he thinks he does, but he’s sorely mistaken. The light goes green, and Mopar guy jumps on the light and quickly pulls away from Camaro guy. Camaro guy might think he can make up the lost lead, but he doesn’t realize that Mopar guy still has two more carburetors, and they just began to open. Like we said, Camaro guy had no idea.

We don’t need to tell you the legendary and storied history of the 440 Six Pack engine, it’s been rebuilt and replicated—quite possibly, more than any other engine out there. The engine is historic, and rightfully so.

We won’t bore you with the specifics of the 440, as we’re sure that you all know them. It was introduced in 1969, and the rest is history. As great as the engine is, we decided to give one away at the 2013 All-Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle, and gathered a bunch of parts to make it happen. The plan was simple; the engine must run on pump gas, make at least 500 horsepower, and be able to last a long time, no matter what car it were to be installed. So, we teamed up with Muscle Motors of Lansing, Michigan, and put it all together, and then strapped it to the dyno. Now, we couldn’t just build a stock 440 and be happy, we needed to make sure that whoever won the engine got something special. To that end, we machined and assembled a 465-inch monster with a lot of good parts.

The best part about this engine is that we gave it away at the event. One lucky attendee was able to put it in the bed of their truck and take it home. If you didn’t get to the show and see the engine, here’s your chance. Maybe this year, you can make it to the show, and load our next engine into the bed of your truck.

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