Other Wheels for Other Rides

Doug does many different types of wheels, and these wheels all have different styles and finishes, including those in pre-muscle car era rides.

Doug also has a process for steering wheels in satin rim finish like this 1⁄2-horn-ring version of the standard '70 – '71 E-Body wheel. The special 1⁄2-horn-ring used unique parts to rocker the center triad so that the horn would operate from the horn ring.

The cover reinstalled, this is how the wheel will look on the car. The Steering Wheel Guy also has the replacement parts available. Tell 'em Mopar Muscle sent you, and thank him for telling us how it's done…

This tiller from a '58 Desoto needs serious help. Luckily, Doug is in his element with challenges like this.

Here's how it looks back on the restored car after being refinished. Colors, accents, and special edges are all duplicated with the resin process, meticulous prep, careful masking, and clear-coat depth.

This is one of Doug's finished wheels installed on Dale Cole's 1971 340 Challenger R/T. We can't guarantee models like Danielle Polson will always be this impressed, but hey, it can't hurt!

Victoria Plating Ltd/ Steve Lowe
The Steering Wheel Guy/ Doug Lepak