Get Rolled

Here's something for those of you who are building B/RBs or 426 Hemis for Sportsman or Pro racing this season: Comp Cams' new sportsman roller lifters. Comp's Sportsman Solid-Roller Lifters are premium-quality, high-value components designed for sportsman and professional racing, as well as high-end street machines. These lifters are available in both needle bearing and bushing configurations for your B/RB (361/383/400/413/426 Wedge/440) or Gen II 426 Hemi. These new lifters are designed to be a premium, re-buildable upgrade over Endure-X Lifters, and a value alternative to the Elite Race option. Each design features two pressurized EDM oil feeds, as well as an edge-orifice feed to the wheel. This delivers a more reliable oil feed than most competing options. These lifters are built from 8620 premium steel for increased strength and wear resistance, and feature a captured, stainless steel link bar design. The lifters also utilize a tapered and slotted link bar tower for reduced weight.

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Jacked Up

If you own a new 300, Charger, Challenger or Magnum, we're sure that you have found out that using a floor jack to raise your car can present a problem—and damage. The lifting point of these cars is a pinch-welded area directly at the rocker panel, and when using an ordinary floor jack, this area gets damaged. Inapinchweld has developed these adaptors that work with your floor jack, so as not to damage the underside of your car. The adaptors come in two styles, to fit virtually any floor jack, and are a must have for any car enthusiast.

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Simple Shining

There have been plenty of imitators, but Eagle One's Wax As-U-Dry is the original spray wax that can be used on wet or dry surfaces. With their patented formula, Wax As-U-Dry actually mixes with water. Once you've washed your Mopar, leave it wet, and then spray Wax As-U-Dry on, then wipe dry for long-lasting protection and shine. It requires no buffing and will not haze, streak or leave residue—even on black molding. Featuring carnauba wax, Eagle One's Wax As-U-Dry provides a protective barrier on your ride's paint that lasts for months, while anti-corrosion additives protect your ride's finish from acid rain, salt and rust.

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