Nowadays, we have an ample supply of aftermarket and restoration parts that at one time, we never imagined possible. Once in great while, a product comes along that's so simple and innovative, it's mind blowing. With Aeromotive's latest Phantom/Stealth fuel system, you can have a quiet, hidden (the fuel pump fits inside the stock tank) setup that can support up to 1,000 horsepower in a carbureted application, or 825 horsepower with EFI—naturally-aspirated for your Mopar monster.

There are a slew of advantages with having an in-tank fuel pump over a mechanical or externally mounted fuel pump (or both in tandem).With the pump inside the tank immersed in fuel, it keeps it quieter and cooler. External pumps are noisier, and create heat which makes fuel hotter. External pumps work hard to pull the fuel from the tank. The in-tank pump easily pushes the fuel that it is submerged in. Another problem with an external pump is that when the fuel level drops, fuel slosh during acceleration or cornering, can uncover the pickup, and the engine hesitates, bogs, or dies.

Aeromotive designed the Phantom/Stealth Fuel System with the in-tank Stealth 340 fuel pump (340 liter per hour), which contains its own unique baffling system, and fits inside most existing tanks. The unique baffling system (yellow fuel cell foam and black bucket) surrounds the pump, working as a reservoir to maintain a constant fuel source for the pump, even when the tank is almost empty.

The Phantom fuel system consists of everything needed to install the fuel pump and baffle/basket into almost any fuel tank. This system allows you to go carbureted or EFI, and should you decide to change down the road, the only change would be to a regulator swap. For now, we're going ol' school carbureted; if we go to EFI or drop-in a Gen 3 EFI Hemi later on, the Phantom/Stealth will support either and remain in the stock tank. Just think, there's no need for a fuel cell, expensive aftermarket EFI-ready tank, or having that unsightly tank sump with hoses hanging underneath out back.

While our 340/416 stroker engine for the Slick Challenger was at the machine shop, we decided it was the time to replace the leaky, cruddy, original gas tank. We went to Year One for a new tank, pickup, seals, and pad. Should we decide to bolt-on a supercharger, EFI (or both) to our 500-plus horsepower LA engine, the Phantom/Stealth system will provide a more than a sufficient supply of fuel.

Part PN Cost
Aeromotive Phantom Stealth Fuel System kit 18688 $537.97
Aeromotive Fuel Filter 12301 $89.97
Aeromotive Fuel Filter Billet Aluminum Bracket 12305 $71.97
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator 13204 $168.97
Aeromotive0-15 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge 15632 $26.97
Aeromotive Fuel Log for Holley Ultra HP Carburetors 14203 $299.97
AeromotiveAN-06 / ORB-08 Reverse Port Adapters (4) 15649 $67.88
AeromotiveORB-10 / AN-08 Male Flare Reducer Fittings (4) 15610 $63.88
Aeromotive Swivel ORB-10 / ORB-10 Fitting 15640 $33.97
AeromotiveORB-06 Port Plugs (2) 15626 $17.94
AeromotiveORB-08 / AN-08 Male Flare Fitting 15607 $13.97
Aeromotive Straight AN-08 Hose Ends (5) 15653 $84.85
Aeromotive 180 Degree AN-08 Hose End 15663 $36.97
Aeromotive 45 Degree AN-08 Hose Ends (2) 15654 $87.94
Aeromotive 90 Degree AN-08 Hose End 15655 $39.97
Aeromotive Fuel Pump Wiring Kit 16301 $81.97
Aeromotive AN-08 Stainless Steel Braided Hose 16-ft (2) 15711 $269.94
Year One 1972-74 Challenger Fuel Tank JR89 $265.99
Year One Fuel Tank Pad JH101 $29.99
Year One Fuel Tank Sending Unit BF658 $105.99
Year One Filler Neck Grommet FD4182 $17.99
Year One Filler Neck Trunk Floor Seal A0707 $29.95
Holley Ultra HP 850cfm Carburetor 80804HB $849.95