The Hold-Down Lowdown
From Xtreme Billet comes this CNC-machined distributor hold-down for B/RB and Hemi engines. Not only is it good-looking and functional, but the thicker material--T-6061 aluminum--adds to the strength as well. If you are looking for that last piece of functional detailing, check out this and other available items from Xtreme Billet. Xtreme Billet, 727/560-9411;

Bracket Action
Magnum HP's T-6061 billet-aluminum, CNC-machined mounting bracket (with adjusting arm and spacers) fits B, RB, and Hemi engines. It mounts to a lightweight, high-output alternator, such as Powermaster's PN 8172--the smallest and lightest alternator they offer with 50-amp output. The bracket uses the two lower timing-cover mounting holes to mount the main bracket. It will not fit with a mechanical fuel pump or a passenger-side-outlet water-pump housing. Replacing a standard Mopar alternator and bracket with this bracket and the recommended alternator will drop about 6-1/4 pounds off the front of your car. The kit comes with an assortment of shims to align the alternator with the pictured billet pulley (available separately) or with a stock-depth crank pulley. The shims also allow for adjustment to fit thick-cast or billet timing covers. The pulley will not align with any factory pulleys and requires the use of an electric water pump. Magnum HP, 239/513-0750;

Light Heavyweights
Arias Pistons now stocks Chrysler Hemi pistons for BAE Fathead,BNR/Veney, and OEM-style cylinder-head applications. Forged from high-tensile billet aluminum, Arias pistons have fully machined external features for maximum strength at minimum weight. They are designed for extreme roots blower, screw compressor, and turbo applications, and will suit bore sizes of 4.310, 4.375, or 4.467 inches. Arias Pistons, 310/532-9737;

Weight Savers
Tired of that heavy cast-iron four-speed? Passon Performance aluminum transmission parts are made from 356 T6 aluminum alloy, are heat-treated, and use OE gaskets, seals, and hardware. All factory parts fit in the case, which is available in either 307 or 308 front-bearing sizes. Passon Performance tailhousings utilize a 308 bearing and fit '68-'74 A-Bodies, '66-'69 B-Bodies, and '70-'74 B- and E-Bodies. For strength, the main-case front countershaft bore comes steel-bushed with extra ribbing between the front of the case and the side cover. The side cover also has extra ribbing around the steel-bushed shift-arm bores. The main case weighs 16 pounds, versus 34 pounds in cast iron. The A-Body tailhousing is 6 pounds rather than 18, and the other tailhousings cut the 21 pounds down to 8. The side cover is 2 pounds instead of 5. If all Passon pieces are used, the weight of a typical '70-and-up B- or E-Body 18-spline transmission is reduced to 85 pounds, as opposed to 120-plus pounds as cast. Passon Performance, 570/401-8949;

Performance in a Clutch
Now there's a way to get your original OEM Chrysler Fan Clutchprofessionally restored for both function and appearance. This unique service consists of a total rebuild of your fan clutch to original factory specs. The clutch is disassembled, inspected, and rebuilt using new seals, bearings, and fluid. All component parts are replated to their original appearance. The clutch is designed to meet or exceed all national-level judging standards, and additional detailing is also available. The turnaround time is 4-5 weeks. Vintage Automotive Research, 321/427-6392