Hose Job
Jannetty Racing is now offering silicone hose kits for '98 1/2-'02 Dodge Ram 24V diesels. These silicone hoses can handle extreme temperatures (up to 400-plus degrees) and have excellent resistance to UV, water, ozone, and oxygen. The boost hoses will not blow off like factory hoses. They will add a finished look to your engine compartment and are available in six colors. Jannetty Racing, 203/753-7223; jannettyracing.com

Kit to Completion
Rod & Custom Machine has designed small-block Hemi heads for the A-block 318, 340, and 360 engines. They come as a complete kit that includes complete heads, rockers, valve covers, headers, and intake that utilizes a common base and changeable top. Now the intake is available with a single-four, two-four, and a blower top, and a few other intakes are to come in the future. The kit also comes with the pistons, rings, cam, pushrods, valley cover, and water crossover. On a mildly built engine, Rod & Custom Machine predicts you should be able to get 1 - 1-1/2 hp per cubic inch. Rod & Custom Machine, 615/441-3903, rodandcustommachines.com.

Plus Sizes
Hooker Headers announces the newest additions to its Aero Chamber line of high-performance mufflers. Now available are the 3-inch (No. 21505HKR and 21506HKR) and 3-1/2-inch (No. 21507HKR) models. Constructed from 16-gauge aluminized and stainless steel, these mufflers utilize a unique side-step principle, which fully controls the direction and allows for smoother flow as the gasses pass through the aerodynamically designed chambers. Holley Tech Service, 270/781-9741; ilovemyhookerheaders.com

Sweet Sixes
These Six-Pack air cleaners are from Machined Products Inc. They make the top, bottom, and wing nut from T6 billet aluminum, which is polished and CNC-machined. The filter is also washable so it can be reused. Each set comes with three bottoms, three tops, three filters, and three wing nuts and studs. Machined Products Inc., 865/670-1811

How's this for a trick piece? This billet aluminum master cylinder from Xtreme Billet is made to the same overall dimensions as the stock plastic master cylinder. The Xtreme Billet piece features CNC-machined reservoirs that replace the plastic ones, enhancing the overall look of your engine compartment. Xtreme Billet, 727/560-9411; xtremebillet.com