Torquing Hemi
SMR Transmissions has announced a new high-stall torque converter for the new 5.7 Hemi-powered trucks, available with a flash stall range of 2,500 and 3,000 rpm. These converters are constructed with the same quality as their A518 converters that are so popular with 360 R/T owners. The converter is constructed with full furnace brazing, heavy-duty stator clutch, Torrington bearings, alloy drive tube, internal balancing, and a Kevlar lock-up clutch. This converter is a direct replacement and requires no modifications. SME; (888) 846-6603;

Proper Plating
New from Promax carburetion comes these billet metering blocks for the center carb of your Mopar Six Pack and Six Barrel induction system. These plates have screw in e-jets for emulsion, idle feed, and PVC. They come preconfigured for a performance fuel curve and are easily adjustable. They are made to match the OEM gold color, but other colors are available. Promax Carbs; (866) PRO-2MAX (776-2629);

Mounting Necessity
Schumacher Creative Services--the makers of engine swapmounts--announces they now have mounts for putting a Hemi engine in '62-'65 B-Bodies. You can take out that poly or big-block engine and have the Hemi car of your dreams. The poly spool-mount will withstand abuse at the track, and the durable insulating properties make a good idea for the street. Complete kits feature laser-cut and powder-coated brackets, polyurethane spool inserts, and grade eight fasteners. TTI headers are required for the swap, and in some cases, a Milodon oil pan is also required. Schumacher Creative Services; (206) 364-7151;

Get Snubbed
Are you running a Dana rear that's missing the snubber? Tony's Parts offers this correct replacement for the often missing or modified Dana pinion snubber. The snubber fits all Dana 60s that were installed on '66-'72 cars. It's just as strong as the original and looks as good. Tony's Parts; (302) 398-0821;

Triple Threat
Hot Heads Research and Racing, a leader in early Hemi engine parts development, has introduced a three-deuce carb-adaptor designed to fit directly on a 6-71 or 8-71 supercharger. The unit will also fit Hot Heads' tunnel ram intake manifold. Designed to accept Holley two-barrel carbs, it also accepts the Mopar factory-style carbs, linkage, fuel lines, and air cleaner. Hot Heads Research and racing; (336) 352-4866;