Do You Have a Damaged Input Shaft?
Many input shafts in A-833 transmissions have the input-shaft tips cut off in order to fit nonstock applications. Now, Passon Performance provides a repair service to put a new pilot tip back on the input shaft, making it as functional as the original. Passon Performance also welds new synchronizer teeth onto the shaft. Passon Performance; 570/401-8949

Prowler Power Boost
MAC Motorsports introduces a nitrous-oxide system exclusively for the Prowler. Unlike conventional nitrous-oxide systems, MAC Motorsports' kit is completely controlled by microprocessors that incorporate a number of convenience and safety devices to ensure proper operation at all times. The system also includes a carbon composite 12-pound nitrous bottle fitted with a custom billet-aluminum mounting bracket. MAC Motorsports; 877/948-6637;

Cool Hemi
Bolting a Sanden-type A/C unit on your Hemi or 440 was never as easy as it is now. Xtreme Billet has solved the problem with their release of a billet aluminum bracket. This bracket fits 440 and Hemi engines with the thin-style harmonic balancer and includes bracket, spacers, and adjusters. It also allows you to retain the stock fuel pump and power-steering pump. No frame modifications are required, and the bracket locates the compressor under the alternator. Xtreme Billet 727/560-9411;

It's a Lock
Pi-Thon Design is offering this alternative to U-bolting your stainless steel exhaust system. The FireLock coupling system is designed to improve the appearance of your exhaust system while making assembly and disassembly easier. The FireLock is CNC machined from billet T-304 stainless steel and uses two internal compression rings to clamp down on butted sections of exhaust tubing. No slip-fits or tubing expanders are required. Just cut your tubing to the proper length, slide the ends into a FireLock, and tighten the threaded outer ends. Pi-Thon Design, 888/474-8466;

Taking It All In
Airaid has developed a cool-air intake system for the '02 Dodge Ram 4.7L, 5.9L, and the '03 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi engine. The Quick Fit (QF) series intake is simple to install. The high-flow cleanable filter is protected from power-robbing engine heat by its Cool Air Dam (CAD) design, which boosts the engine with a constant dense air charge. The kit includes Airaid's "4+1" washable and rechargeable filter element. The kits are smog-legal in all 50 states. Airaid, 800/498-6951;