The process was much cheaper than we would have thought, too. We wouldn't begin to know what type of value to put on fixing a survivor, but $500 for all the dents seems more than fair. And there is really no telling how it increases the car's value-the car is still original, it's never been repainted, but now it doesn't have a single ding or dent, and its original black paint is perfect. After the repairs, Jeff circled the car and couldn't find where the dents were.

The folks at Dent Wizard don't do much work on original muscle cars because, frankly, there aren't that many left. They deal mainly with brand new sheetmetal, doing work for insurance companies and car dealerships. Recently, they removed dents from several hundred cars damaged by a huge hail storm. They'll also come right to your driveway to work on your new 300M. So, if you have a survivor, a new car, or some knuckle head in the parking lot just put a dent in your car where you know there was no filler, you might want to think about contacting Dent Wizard to make the fix.

We'd like to thank Dent Wizard of Columbus, Ohio, and Master Technician JasonCook for helping us with this story.

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