Then we put a do-it-yourself gas tank repair kit in and re-installed the tank, thinking we were good to go. And we were-for six weeks. Then the baffles in the tank inexplicably detached (probably from the acid we'd immersed them in for a day) and started sloshing around, scraping up the repair stuff we'd coated the inside of the tank with. The repair stuff then got sucked into the fuel line and, well, the nightmare just wouldn't end. We ended up doing what we should have done in the first place-we bought a new gas tank. But not before the car lost any image of reliability it once had, due to the fuel lines plugging and stalling the car regularly.

On the Paddock Project '69 Charger, Mike Peramski immediately made the decision to just replace the gas tank in the Charger with a brand new reproduction, even though the car ran fine and had low mileage. While he was replacing the gas tank, he also made the decision to replace the fuel lines at the same time.

You never know what's inside your fuel lines. Besides gas tank debris, fuel lines often have rust and scale in them which will plug your fuel filter as it comes free, now that you're running gas through the system on a regular basis.

We cut the Charger's original gas tank open, just to see what was inside, and found about an inch of hardened crud at the bottom of the tank. However, the tank had been emptied for quite a while and stored outside, allowing the deposits to dry and "set up." We suspect that the stuff in the bottom of that tank was probably soft when immersed in gasoline (much like what we pulled out of the wife's car), which could let it find its way to the fuel pick up, and then to the filter.

Reproduction gas tanks aren't available for all makes and models, but take it from us-if you can get a new tank for your car, do it. Even if you've never had a problem before, it's cheap insurance, because you never know what might be swimming around in your tank now. And believe us, if it's going to leave you stranded, it'll pick the worst time and the worst location to do it!

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