By the 1971 model year, the factory supercar had fully evolved from the bare-bones Super Stocks of the early '60s into highly refined luxury machines. The engines were larger then those first 413s, but so were the bodies. It was now possible to order a large number of additional option packages, ranging from exterior trim to Super Trak Pak drivelines. Below is an alphabetic list of what could be had when you were ready to order that new Hemi 'Cuda, Charger Super Bee, or Demon 340 thirty years ago.

Body Coding Chart

BEACodeDescription & Application
BA09Concealed headlamps with inside hood release—Dodge
EA21Front elastomeric bumper group w/ chrome racing mirrors—Plymouth
EA22Front and rear elastomeric bumper group w/ painted racing mirrors—Plymouth
BEA28Noise-reduction package—includes turned-down tailpipes, maximum-cooling package & torque drive fan (Required on E87+D34 in Calif.)
BEA31High Performance Axle package
BEAA31Track Pak package
BEA34Super Track Pak package
BEA36Performance Axle package
EA44Backlight louver package for Dodge-not available in Pennsylvania
BEA45Front spoiler(s) and aerodynamic rear spoiler.
Note: Front spoilers were dealer-installed on Plymouth B-Bodies
AA51Duster Twister package—VL29 could be combined w/ E55 in Canada
BA54Front and rear Colored Bumper Group—included louvered taillights and black painted grille; N/A with Code A09—Dodge
A604-speed Special package
BEAB41Front disc brakes
BEAB51Power brakes—required with disc brakes on B- and E-Body and Demon 340
BEAC16Front compartment console
EC26Overhead consolette and cardboard headliner—standard on Challenger SE and Barracuda Gran Coupe
BEAC55Bucket seats
BEC62Driver’s-side 6-way manual seat adjuster
BEAD21A-833, 4-speed manual transmission
BEAD32A727, 3-speed automatic transmission
BEAD533.23:1 axle ratio
BED563.54 or 3.55:1 axle ratio
BED573.91:1 axle ratio
BED584.10:1 axle ratio
BED594.56:1 axle ratio (dealer installed)
BEAD91Sure Grip differential
BEAE55275 hp, 340 4-bbl
BEE65300 hp, 383 4-bbl
BEE74425 hp, 426 8-bbl
BE86370 hp. 440 4-bbl
BEE87385 hp, 440 6-bbl
BEAG31Right manual OSRV chrome racing mirror (G33 required)
BEAG33Left remote control OSRV chrome racing mirror
BEAG36Left remote control & right manual painted racing mirrors