Body Coding Chart

BEACodeDescription & Application
BEAS13Heavy-duty (Rallye) suspension
BES15Extra heavy-duty (Hemi) suspension
BEAS25Heavy-duty shock absorbers
BES28Extra heavy-duty shock absorbers
ES41Rear anti-sway bar
BS62Tilt steering column with Rim Blow steering wheel
ES7412:1 fast ratio power steering
BES83Rim Blow steering wheel
BAS84Tuff steering wheel
AT76E70x14 rwl Goodyear Polyglas tires
BET87F70x14 rwl Goodyear Polyglas tires
BT93G70x14 rwl Goodyear Polyglas tires
EU82E60x15 rwl Goodyear Polyglas GT tires
EU84F60x15 rwl Goodyear Polyglas GT tires
BU86G60x15 rwl Goodyear Polyglas GT tires
BAV21Hood performance treatment
AV24Hood performance treatment with engine CID callout—Plymouth Duster
AV3_Manually folding sunroof (first year option)
BEAV5_Vinyl (color insert) body-side mouldings
BEAV6_Body-side tape stripes
BV7_Hood to fender stripes for Plymouth
BV8_Roof to quarter panels strobe stripe—Plymouth
AV8_Rear deck panel tape stripe
BEAV_8Stripe delete—A, B and E-Body
BEAW2114-inch (A-, B- & E-Body) or 15-inch (B & E-Body) Rallye wheels
BEW2314-inch 5-spoke road wheels
EW3414-inch collapsible spare tire—E-Body
Y13Dealer demonstrator
Y14Vehicle sold to customer order
Y16Vehicle built for the sales bank
Y37Outside modification vendor—American Sunroof
Y39Special Order
U/C/IVehicle built to specification for U.S.A./Canada/International (export)

Note: The Chrysler Parts Accessories '71 booklet had the following items listed that might be considered "factory speed equipment": Fire extinguisher, hood or steering column-mounted tachometers, and bowling ball bag with the Pentastar logo.

Sources: Salemen's pocket price guides for 1971 Dodge and Plymouth passenger cars.