Body Coding Chart

BEACodeDescription & Application
BEAH25Heater Delete
BJ41Head lamp washer (first year option) Dodge
BEAJ42Pistol Grip shifter
BEAJ45Hood tie-down pins
EJ46Locking flip top gas cap
BJ52Inside hood release (first year option)—
included with A09—Dodge
EJ54Performance hood (Standard on ’Cuda)
BJ68Backlight louvers (N/A in PA)— included G31 and G33 or G36—Plymouth
BEJ78Front spoiler(s)
BEAJ81Aerodynamic rear spoiler
BEAL31Hood or fender-mounted turn signal indicators
EL34Road lamps—Plymouth
BL37Concealed headlamps—Dodge
BEL42Headlamp time delay with lamp-on reminder
BEAM05Door edge guards
BEM51Power sunroof w/ full vinyl roof
EM71Front elastomeric bumper—Dodge
BEM72Rear elastomeric bumper
BEM73Front and rear elastomeric bumpers
BM75Rear bumper tape treatment—Plymouth
BEM91Deck lid luggage rack
BEAN23Electronic ignition system—included with E55 on A-Bodies
BEAN41Dual exhaust system
BEAN42Chrome exhaust tips
EN94Carb fresh air package (fiberglass hood)—Dodge
BEN96Air Grabber or Shaker hood (carb fresh air package)
BEN97Noise reduction package for California (turned down tailpipes)
BEAR26AM Stereo radio with cassette player (first year option)
BER36AM/FM Stereo radio with cassette player (first year option)