Chassis Check Out
Our initial test drive was from the driveway to the trailer. Once back at our digs and running, we were out on the road for a quick shakedown run. We were told, "It pulls to the right when braking," but we weren't prepared for the violent chassis shift with the slightest binder action. Steering felt like the wheel was detached from the linkage for the first quarter turn, and the drivetrain vibration would intimidate the uninitiated.

A-Body Blues
A rusted-out body can make for a dangerous ride, but fortunately our Barracuda was structurally solid. We did detect some Bondo covering rust in the lower quarters, but that wasn't a structural issue. Our Unitbody was about as solid and dry as you'll find on a 35-year-old car. As is common on A-Bodies, our doorjambs were blown out where the door-latch striker mounted.