Although a matter of debate, for us there is no better ride than one in a convertible. Whether cruising around town or flying up the interstate with the top down, it's easy to forget about the past workweek and enjoy the weekend-nothing but open road, blue skies, and sunshine. The down side is over the years, weather and improper care have left your convertible top with a less than stellar appearance. Many tops are in such bad shape the owners refuse to put them up, reducing drive time during the year. Let's face it-if there is even just a chance of rain and your top is in bad shape, are you going to go for a ride?

Such was the case of Dave and Amy Young's '68 B-Body. Recently purchased, the B-Body has been left to weather the elements, and a new top was the first of the repairs to be made.

We contacted Hydro-E-lectric, in Punta Gorda, Florida, to get our new top and back glass. Originally, the '68 came with a plastic rear window. It doesn't take much neglect for the plastic to form a yellowish tint, making it impossible to see through, so we opted for a glass rear window. Hydro-E-lectric supplies everything from top-lifting cylinders to hoses and latches. Convertible-top replacement is not a job for the faint of heart. It can be a trying task, but if you take your time and measure twice before you cut, it can be done. You'll need a friend's help (that way if something goes wrong, you have somebody to blame).