As with any performance product, there are some compromises to achieve bolt-on status. In the case of this system, wheel backspacing is limited, depending on tire size used. The following numbers allow approximately 1/4 inch of clearance between the rim and tie-rod end. With a 14-inch rim, a maximum 3 1/4-inch backspace is allowed. On a 15-inch rim, a maximum 3 3/4-inch backspace is allowed. And with a 17-inch rim, a maximum 5-inch backspace is allowed. Note, even though a 17-inch rim clears the tie-rod end entirely, with more than 5-inch backspacing, the rim will hit the tie rod at full lock in either direction. If wider, 17-inch rims are needed, an adjustable stop may be welded to the lower control arm to limit the turning radius. These figures are based on suspension clearance only.

When removing the K-frame, it's important that you do not leave the engine and trans in the car supported by ropes and wire. Remove everything and support the car with jackstands behind the front wheels. Since any Mopar manual will show how to remove the K-frame, we won't go in-depth with that aspect-we'll just show how to install the AlterKtion K-frame.

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