Though available from many sources, we got our stripes from YearOne. We're confident that the YearOne products are of the highest quality, and since we needed vinyl stripes for two distinctly different cars, we wanted to order from a vendor who would have both stripe kits in stock. YearOne quickly verified our stripes were on the shelf and shipped them the same day.

When our stripe kits arrived, we headed to J.D.'s Paint and Body for some help with the installation. It wasn't so much that we were afraid to do this job ourselves, but it always helps to have the advice of a professional, or at least someone who's done the job before.

All told, installing the stripes on each car took about 2-3 hours per car. There are really no special tools involved other than a squeegee, masking tape, and a tape measure to ensure proper placement. It also helps to have some body shop precleaner (NAPTHA) available to clean the surface the stripe will adhere to, and soapy water if using that technique.

The end result of each installation was dramatic. Of course, a Super Bee just isn't a Super Bee without the stripe, and we think the project B3 Barracuda really looks better with a stripe to contrast the '05 Go-Mango paint.