We love driving our Mopars around, and when the weather is nice we enjoy the ride with the top down. Convertible Mopars aren't for everyone, but if you like the wind in your hair and don't mind getting caught in the occasional downpour with the top down, they can be a lot of fun. Since Chrysler only made a limited number of these drop-top machines during the musclecar era, convertibles generally have good collector value in addition to simply being a cool ride.

While there's no doubt a convertible gets attention, especially with the top down, there are some misconceptions about cars with convertible tops. The first misunderstanding is that these cars always leak. While older cars with weathered tops and worn weatherstripping can certainly be prone to leaks, a convertible car with a properly fitted new top and new weatherstripping will seal its occupants from the elements as well as any other old Mopar.

Another fallacy about convertibles is that the top mechanism is complicated and often doesn't work properly. In actuality, the convertible top mechanism is simply a frame of metal and hinges on which to install the canvas top. Though some convertibles came with manually actuated tops, most Mopars produced in the '60s or later had electrically powered, hydraulically actuated tops. Though a power top is slightly more complicated, it's also a far more convenient way to get the top up and down, especially in a sudden rain shower.

You might recognize the '67 Barracuda we're working on from previous articles or even our Rare Finds section. Having been stored outdoors in the Florida sun for ten years or more, the top on this convertible was dry, torn, and in some places nonexistent. Additionally, exposure to the elements had rendered the power top's hydraulic cylinders inoperable, so we'll need to address that issue as well. Fortunately, Paddock Parts had everything we needed for the installation, including a new top with premium rear window, a new well-liner, new boot cover, and all the hydraulic components to make the top go up and down correctly.