Both The Paddock and YearOne also now carry factory style and high-performance drivetrain, suspension, and brake parts as well and are a great option if one-stop-shopping is your style. Since their facilities are large, these companies keep lots of parts in stock and likely have the parts you need on the shelf, ready to be shipped. They've also done their research well, generally know what fits and what doesn't, and which suppliers to avoid. The larger companies also buy in volume and because of that can often offer discounts, especially if you purchase a large number of parts at once.

The Smaller Shops
While one-stop-shopping is right for some enthusiasts restoring their Mopars, there are also those who take their time, only purchasing parts for the area of the car they're working on, and prefer to deal with smaller parts dealers or local restoration shops that also deal in parts. Businesses like P.G. Classic Restorations, Herb's Parts, Dante's Mopar Parts, Van's Auto, Stephens Performance, Tony's Mopar Parts, and even Mancini Racing and Glendora Dodge are among the plentiful suppliers of restoration parts for this type of customer.

Even if one of these shops isn't located in your immediate area, don't think you can't get good customer service. Most of these sources have websites with internet ordering, and ship parts to customers worldwide. While they may not have the inventory that warehouse suppliers do, they often offer customized service, and can order the parts you need, even drop shipping them directly to you in some cases. There's also a good chance the employees at these shops have performed the same work you're doing, so they know what fits and what doesn't. And if you happen to get the wrong part, it's nice to be able to deal with the same person who sold it to you, not another sales person who may or may not remember your project.

Straight From The Source
While not all manufacturers sell directly to the public, there are a good number of specialty parts manufacturers and suppliers that can provide quality parts for your Mopar, often at very reasonable prices. Businesses like Auto Body Specialties, Auto Metal Direct, Auto Rust Technicians, and Sherman and Associates manufacture and supply sheet metal for most Mopar body styles, and are a direct source for replacement panels. Just Suspension and Performance Suspension Technology deal specifically in suspension components, so when its time to perform that part of the restoration it can pay to call them directly.

When it comes to the decals and graphics for your Mopar, either Graphic Express or Phoenix Graphix are good direct sources. Legendary Auto Interiors offers great upholstery for most Chrysler products, and JC Auto Restoration and Auto provides dash and instrument restoration services. When it comes to stopping your Mopar, either Stainless Steel Brakes or Master Power Brakes can supply not only new parts, but kits to upgrade your car to disc brakes. For all the brake and fuel lines, either Right Stuff or Inline Tube will have what your car needs.

Wheels and tires are an important part of your car, and either Wheel Vintiques, or Stockton Wheels has all the popular Mopar styles, some even available in larger diameters or made from billet materials. Coker Tire can shoe the new wheels in the proper vintage tires to complete the classic look of your restoration, and if your Mopar is a convertible, Hydro-E-Lectric has tops, latches, and hydraulic components to make your top look and function its best.