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Find out how to cure the rust, dents, and faded paint on your Mopar here!
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Getting Juiced - The Benefits of Adding Water/Methanol Injection
Whether your preference is vintage muscle or the new offerings, increasing the power output of your ride is something that has built multi-million dollar businesses.... more
Restoring A 1969 Dodge Charger Dash
Removing mold, grime, lizard eggs, and eventually restoring a dash.... more
1965 Dodge Dart GT - GT = Good Times
There are many married people who enjoy the cars they build and own together; Tommy and Tonya Hayes of Durham, North Carolina, are among them. In fact, they met in high school when Tommy still had... more
PentaStars - October 2014
Take a look at this month's reader's rides including a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, 1980 Dodge Mirada and more!... more
2012 Yellow Jacket Dodge Challenger - Smokin' Jacket
The advent of the LX platform models by Chrysler has brought some new fans into the Mopar family. The design cues of the Challenger coupled with special packages has resulted in a lot of people... more
1967 Dodge Charger - The Road Highly Traveled
It takes a special kind of person to hold on to a car for almost 50 years. Most, if not all of us, had a car that we wish we had kept. But life tends to force a lot of changes on people, and... more
Hidden Treasures - 1966 Hemi Plymouth Satellite
Mike Kreseski from Brandon, Florida, tells us that he is a subscriber to Mopar Muscle, and always enjoys the Hidden Treasures article. Mike's story sounded cool, so we thought that we would let him... more
1977 Dodge Aspen R/T - Paper Tiger
When Chrysler package cars are discussed—whether stock or modified—displacements above 340 are the norm (occasionally, somebody may interject something about a Hyper Pak or a 273 Formula S, but we... more
Way Back - 1967
If you're confused by the 1967 headline showing a '62 Dart, let us explain.... more
Bangin Gears - Hello, My Name Is Johnny
No, I'm not a Wal-Mart greeter, but the possibility is never more than two bad decisions away. It's not the usual name you'd find on this page—that being Randy Bolig.... more

Blogs 337

pertronix makes an all-in-one tool for all automotive electrical needs.
Are you making plug wires or wiring your car? You need this tool. ... more
New hand-held tuner for new Mopar vehicles
If you've got a new Dodge vehicle, Diablosport can help you get your tune on!... more
50th Anniversary hits Gainesville
Mopar unveiles a new paint Scheme on the 2014 Funny car of Matt HaganCourtesy Geoff Stunkard... more

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Looking for interior parts 75 duster
Does anyone know where/or has parts for a 75 duster I'm looking for dash parts and some of the... more
Looking for interior parts 75 duster
Does anyone know where/or has parts for a 75 duster I'm looking for dash parts and some of the... more
1969 440 Magnum Motor Build for Blower
I purchased a 1969 Plymouth GTX some years ago the motor work had already been done sometime in the... more
1969 charger body & interior modifications, tell me what you think
Finally, I'm on the home stretch to finishing my charger and thought I'd share my plans. I'm... more
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