In our case, we found an F-Body short-extension overdrive 833 four-speed in an Aspen R/T at the junkyard. The 318 four-speed car was complete, yielding a mother lode of conversion pieces. For our A-Body application, the F-Body's short-extension tranny, bellhousing, shifter and linkage, flywheel and clutch, and shift fork were a direct interchange. We pulled the clutch linkage as well, which wasn't an ideal match for the A-Body chassis, but beggars can't be choosers. We knew with some minor, though well-thought-out changes, we could probably adapt the linkage and fabricate the rest of what we'd need (if hammer forging your own linkage parts against an anvil isn't your game, get the correct pieces for your specific application). We had already pack-ratted the correct A-Body pedals from a local car-show swap meet, so the only parts missing when we got ready to start were the tunnel hump and carpet, easily obtained by calling Sherman & Associates for the hump, and Auto Custom Carpet for the rug. The only thing between us and tire-screeching shifts was to break out the cutter, welder, and wrenches, and cram it in. Here's how we did it.

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