This was a good time to upgrade the wheel-and-tire package on the Sport, but after trying a couple of different wheel styles on the car, it was decided the steelies and "dog-dish" caps looked good on the car, and it's cheap. So we called Stockton Wheel and ordered a set of steel Mopar wheels for the rear with a 4 1/2-inch bolt pattern and a 3 3/4-inch back space. The hubcaps were another gift, but we could have stayed with the older style we had. Since we were upgrading wheels to bigger bolt patterns, we also ordered 15-inch wheels. The 14-inchers just don't seem to fill the wheelwells enough; a 15-inch wheel is almost a must on these cars.

Tires would be another issue. BFGoodrich always seems to be the choice of tire for musclecar guys, so we decided to go that route. Wheels and tires will set you back about $500, which could vary depending on your tire shop.

All-in-all, the swap took us only a weekend of our time. That includes painting and rebuilding everything that needed it. So for around $870, we made the Dart safer to drive, look better with larger wheels and tires, and improved the performance since our 8 1/4 rear has a 4.10 gear in it. So what are you waiting on; the swap is easy.

American Muscle
Stockton Wheel
BFGoodrich Tires